Apollo 11 liftoff
Shoemaker-Levy 9 takes aim at Jupiter
Artist's concept of Cygnus X-1
Saturn, its rings, and a hexagonal storm at its north pole, 2013
Ring Nebula

Update - Multi-talented Austinite takes role after Sandy Wood retires

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Multi-talented Austinite takes role after Sandy Wood retires More »

StarDate Radio: July 18 — Staying Safe

Flying to the Moon is dangerous. Radiation, for example, can threaten both spacecraft and their human cargoes.

The first threat...More »

StarDate Radio: July 17 — A New Goal

By late May of 1961, the United States had launched one man into space — on a 15-minute hop into...More »

Stargazing: July 17

Lupus, the wolf, is low in the south as darkness falls. The faint constellation represents an ancient king who was...More »

Stargazing: July 16

A partial lunar eclipse will be visible across Africa, Antarctica, and most of Asia, Europe, and Australia today. North America...More »

StarDate Radio: July 16 — Apollo 11

PAO: The target for the Apollo 11 astronauts, the Moon, at liftoff will be at a distance of 218,096 miles...More »

StarDate Radio: July 15 — Moon and Saturn

Everything has a name, but we seldom spend much time thinking about what most names mean. Today is Monday, for...More »

Stargazing: July 15

The Moon has a close, bright companion tonight: the planet Saturn. It is named for the Roman god of agriculture...More »

StarDate Radio: July 14 — Lahaina Noon

The Sun is moving southward now — a migration that will continue until the winter solstice, in December. For the...More »

Stargazing: July 14

Delta Lyrae is a prominent double star in Lyra, the harp. Binoculars reveal that one star looks red, while the...More »

StarDate Radio: July 13 — Moon and Jupiter

The biggest fireworks we’ve ever seen in the solar system rocked the planet Jupiter 25 years ago this month. The...More »

Stargazing: July 13

Look for Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, close to the Moon tonight, shining like a brilliant star....More »

StarDate Radio: July 12 — Moon and Companions

Our eyes are perfectly adapted for life under the Sun. Our star radiates most of its light at a narrow...More »

Stargazing: July 12

Antares, the brightest star of the scorpion, stands below the Moon as night falls this evening. Brighter Jupiter, the largest...More »

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