view from mars helicopter
Saturn from Hubble Space Telescope
Views from Apollo 15
future exomoon around a planet in pds 70

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StarDate Radio: August 3 — Astonishing Mira

An “astonishing” star should be at its best this month. The star puffs in and out like a beating heart,...More »

StarDate Radio: August 2 — Dangerous Asteroids II

75 years ago today, lunchtime at the Gage Ranch, near Marathon, Texas, was interrupted by a surprising visitor: a space...More »

Stargazing: August 2

After the Sun, the first star whose distance was accurately measured was 61 Cygni. It is part of Cygnus, the...More »

StarDate Radio: August 1 — Saturn at Opposition

Saturn is at its best for the entire year right now. The second-largest planet in the solar system rises around...More »

Stargazing: August 1

Saturn is at its best for the year. The planet rises around sunset, is in view all night, and shines...More »

Stargazing: July 31

For the second time this month, the Moon is at last quarter. It lines up at a right angle to...More »

StarDate Radio: July 31 — Dangerous Asteroid

One year ago today, the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico took a close look at a passing asteroid. And...More »

StarDate Radio: July 30 — More Apollo 15

The Apennine Mountains are the tallest on the Moon. They top out at almost three miles above the surrounding plains....More »

Stargazing: July 30

The “dog days” of summer are upon us. They get their name from the Dog Star, Sirius. The brightest star...More »

Stargazing: July 29

The double star Epsilon Lyrae is easy to find because it is close to the bright star Vega, which shines...More »

StarDate Radio: July 29 — Apollo 15

The crew of Apollo 15 had a spectacular view. The astronauts landed at the edge of a deep canyon, near...More »

Stargazing: July 28

The Trifid Nebula is a glowing cloud of gas and dust in teapot-shaped Sagittarius, which scoots low across the south...More »

StarDate Radio: July 28 — Dangerous Neighborhood

Our closest neighbor star is a bare cosmic ember. It’s much lighter and smaller than the Sun, and less than...More »

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