The Crescent Nebula
The constellation Orion stands above the eastern horizon
A meteorite on the Antarctic ice
A balloon is prepared for launch from Antarctica
pulsar schematic

StarDate Radio: December 14 — More Moon and Companions

A bright arrow lines up in the south and southeast at dawn tomorrow. The crescent Moon forms the arrow’s feathers,...More »

StarDate Radio: December 13 — Moon and Companions

A beautiful lineup stretches across the southeastern quadrant of the sky at first light tomorrow. It’s anchored by the crescent...More »

Stargazing: December 13

The Moon and the planet Jupiter, which looks like a brilliant star, anchor a beautiful lineup in the southeastern sky...More »

Stargazing: December 12

Mars and the Moon are part of a beautiful quartet in tomorrow’s pre-dawn sky. Mars will stand close below the...More »

StarDate Radio: December 12 — Moon and Mars

Mars and the Moon are both quite dry. But they do contain sources of water. And some recent studies have...More »

Stargazing: December 11

One of the strongest meteor showers of the year, the Geminids, should be at its best on Wednesday night. The...More »

StarDate Radio: December 11 — Phaethon

One of the strongest meteor showers of the year, the Geminids, will be at its best on Wednesday night. The...More »

Stargazing: December 10

Orion the hunter clears the eastern horizon by about 8 p.m. Look for its belt of three moderately bright stars,...More »

StarDate Radio: December 10 — Orion Rising

The most visually impressive constellation in all the night sky climbs to prominence on December nights. It’s a sight you...More »

Stargazing: December 9

The Moon will reach its “last-quarter” phase at 1:51 a.m. CST tomorrow, when it lines up at a right angle...More »

StarDate Radio: December 9 — Life of the Sun

With winter approaching, the Sun can seem small and remote for those at far-northern latitudes. Its feeble light doesn’t do...More »

Stargazing: December 8

Regulus, which marks the heart of the lion, crouches to the right of the Moon at first light tomorrow. Regulus...More »

StarDate Radio: December 8 — Doomed Giant

A giant planet that’s orbiting a Sun-like star appears to be in its final days. A recent study says the...More »

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