Artist's concepts of Lucy, Psyche asteroid missions
Artist's concept of 47 Tucanae X9, a likely black hole-white dwarf binary
Nighttime view of Florida from the International Space Station
Structure of a massive star shortly before it explodes as a supernova

StarDate Radio: March 24 — Moving Day

Venus is losing its identity. After tonight, it will no longer be the “evening star.” Instead, it’ll be the “morning...More »

Stargazing: March 23

Argo, the ship of Jason and the Argonauts, sails across the south tonight. It originally was a single constellation, but...More »

StarDate Radio: March 23 — Storm Impact

A major hurricane can cause tens of billions of dollars in direct damages. And it can cause tens of billions...More »

Stargazing: March 22

Spring has already sprung, but a great pattern of stars named for winter still dominates the western evening sky. The...More »

StarDate Radio: March 22 — The Next Generation

The next big space telescope, James Webb, is being prepared for launch next year. And the one after that, which...More »

Stargazing: March 21

The stars of the Milky Way intertwine with clouds of gas and dust that can span many light-years. Some of...More »

StarDate Radio: March 21 — Looking Deep

Earth and the solar system’s other rocky planets probably grew as smaller blobs of rock and metal slammed together, forming...More »

Stargazing: March 20

The constellation Crater, the cup, is visible this month in the southeastern evening sky. Its stars are faint, so you...More »

StarDate Radio: March 20 — Time Machine

Two new NASA missions are solar-system time machines. They’ll visit relics from the early solar system, providing a glimpse into...More »

Stargazing: March 19

Those of us in the United States will wake up to a new season tomorrow. Spring begins at 5:29 a.m....More »

StarDate Radio: March 19 — Vernal Equinox

Those of us in the United States will wake up to a new season tomorrow. Spring begins at 5:29 a.m....More »

Stargazing: March 18

The planet Saturn is in good view early tomorrow. It looks like a bright star to the lower left of...More »

StarDate Radio: March 18 — Moon, Antares, Saturn

Many of the gods and goddesses of the ancient world weren’t very nice. They lied, they cheated, they stole, and...More »

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