Messier 7
NGC 6052
The star system Apep, which may detonate as a gamma-ray burst
pectoral worn by King Tutankhamen
Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Update - Multi-talented Austinite takes role after Sandy Wood retires

The New Voice of StarDate

Multi-talented Austinite takes role after Sandy Wood retires More »

Update - Sandy Wood retires after almost 28 years as StarDate announcer

A Fond Bon Voyage!

Sandy Wood retires after almost 28 years as StarDate announcer. More »

StarDate Radio: August 25 — First to Neptune

The Sun’s most-remote major planet is fascinating. It features the fastest winds in the solar system, and it once had...More »

StarDate Radio: August 24 — Messier 7

Most of the constellations are tough to pick out. Their classical “connect-the-dots” outlines are so faint, small, or spread out...More »

Stargazing: August 24

Scorpius and Sagittarius are in the south at nightfall. Look for the curving body of the scorpion just above the...More »

StarDate Radio: August 23 — Moon and Aldebaran

The face of Taurus, the bull, is doomed. The V-shaped face is outlined by a star cluster known as the...More »

Stargazing: August 23

Look for the face of the bull at dawn tomorrow, to the right of the Moon. The bright star close...More »

StarDate Radio: August 22 — Dark Mergers

Mergers between big galaxies are violent events. They can kick millions or billions of stars into intergalactic space, and dramatically...More »

Stargazing: August 22

Aquila, the eagle, soars high across the sky tonight, partially immersed in the glow of the Milky Way. Look beginning...More »

Stargazing: August 21

Vega, one of the closest and brightest stars in the night sky, stands straight overhead as darkness falls and drops...More »

StarDate Radio: August 21 — Galactic Collision

The Milky Way is headed toward a galactic pile-up. Our home galaxy is likely to merge with M31, our closest...More »

StarDate Radio: August 20 — Merging Galaxies

NGC 6052 is a mess. It looks a little like a pair of big spiders locked in mortal combat. Instead,...More »

Stargazing: August 20

Hercules is high in the western sky on August evenings. One of its most interesting features is NGC 6052, a...More »

StarDate Radio: August 19 — Galaxies

We have lots of addresses. After your street address, city, state, and country, you might add lines for Planet Earth,...More »

Stargazing: August 19

The Great Square of Pegasus stands low in the eastern sky at nightfall. It spans a large region, and is...More »

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