artist's concept of TrES-2b
Ground-based view of clouds on Neptune
Caroline's Rose
Cloud streaming from Arsia Mons, a volcano on Mars

Update - A few tips for keeping busy and entertained while staying safe

Engaging with the Universe from Home

We don’t know how long COVID-19 will keep us all bottled up, but here are a few ways to stay informed and entertained as you pass the time. More »

StarDate Radio: July 21 — Comet NeoWise

A comet that defied the odds is in view in the evening sky. It’s fairly bright, although you need binoculars...More »

StarDate Radio: September 20 — Dumbbell Nebula

For most of its life, a star like the Sun looks a bit drab — it’s a bright, glowing orb...More »

StarDate Radio: September 19 — Vulpecula

A fox carries a goose high across the sky this evening. You need dark skies to pick them out, and...More »

Stargazing: September 19

The constellation Vulpecula, which represents a fox carrying a goose, is high in the southeast as night falls. It’s near...More »

Stargazing: September 18

Under dark skies, you might see a glowing pyramid of light in the eastern sky before dawn over the next...More »

StarDate Radio: September 18 — Dark Planet

The planet known as TrES-2b sounds like it should glow like wild. It’s only about three million miles from its...More »

Stargazing: September 17

Perseus is climbing into the evening sky this month. Tonight, it’s in good view, in the northeast, by about 10:30....More »

StarDate Radio: September 17 — Rapid Birth

When it comes to making planets, star systems may not waste much time. A recent study says that planets may...More »

Stargazing: September 16

The Moon will be new at 6 a.m. CDT tomorrow as it crosses the imaginary line between Earth and the...More »

StarDate Radio: September 16 — Hunting ET

ET is quiet. Searches for radio signals from other worlds have come up empty. And while the search continues, astronomers...More »

StarDate Radio: September 15 — More Trappist-1

If anyone lives on the planet known as Trappist-1e, they should know their neighbors pretty well. There are six other...More »

Stargazing: September 15

If you can get away from city lights, this is a good time to gaze at the Milky Way, which...More »

StarDate Radio: September 14 — Trappist-1

Trappist-1 is about as puny as a star can get. It’s less than 10 percent as massive as the Sun,...More »

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This year offers some beautiful skywatching treats, including the opposition of Mars and the closest conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in four centuries. You can find all the details on these and many others in our 2020 Sky Almanac. We also tell you about the rights and wrongs of astronomy and space exploration in science fiction. The digital version of the Almanac was revised on July 1, with additional skywatching tips and the latest details on upcoming milestones in space!

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