Coronal mass ejection from the Sun
A comparison of the Vega system and our solar system
Moon and Spica, evening of June 12, 2019
View of Jupiter's southern hemisphere from June, February 2019
D-Day invasion, influenced by the phase of the Moon

StarDate Radio: June 17 — Big Storm

The Sun can turn nasty. But we don’t know just how nasty it can get. Astronomers have been keeping a...More »

StarDate Radio: June 16 — Beautiful Pairings

The solar system serves up a couple of beautiful pairings just after sunset this evening. One of them disappears with...More »

Stargazing: June 16

The full Moon and the planet Jupiter keep company tonight. Jupiter looks like a brilliant star to the upper right...More »

Stargazing: June 15

The Moon has two bright companions tonight. The star Antares stands to the lower right of the Moon as night...More »

StarDate Radio: June 15 — Moon and Antares

A flickering stellar giant stands to the lower right of the Moon this evening. Bright orange Antares is one of...More »

Stargazing: June 14

Vega, the second-brightest star in the northern half of the sky, is in great view as we head toward summer....More »

StarDate Radio: June 14 — Vega

The second-brightest star in the northern half of the sky is in great view as we head toward summer. Vega...More »

Stargazing: June 13

The Summer Triangle is climbing into view in the eastern evening sky. Its highest and brightest point is the star...More »

StarDate Radio: June 13 — Hubble Constant

The universe has been expanding since the Big Bang. Knowing how fast it’s expanding can tell us the universe’s age,...More »

StarDate Radio: June 12 — Moon and Spica

We tend to think of stars as nice round balls. In fact, though, few stars are perfectly round. Most...More »

Stargazing: June 12

Spica, the leading light of the constellation Virgo, is to the lower right of the Moon as night falls. Spica...More »

Stargazing: June 11

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is low in the southeast at nightfall. It looks like a brilliant...More »

StarDate Radio: June 11 — Jupiter at Opposition III

Jupiter travels with a big entourage, including almost 80 known moons, several dark rings, and two clumps of asteroids.

The...More »

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