the super-heated planet KELT 9b orbits its star
hale telescope dome at night
sombrero galaxy
new images of sunspots

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StarDate Radio: June 10 — Dubhe

When we look into the sky, we see one big, blinding star — the Sun. All the other stars are...More »

StarDate Radio: June 9 — Headed for Space

Hermann Oberth is one of the fathers of rocketry. He inspired some of the most successful rocket designers and builders...More »

Stargazing: June 9

Saturn, the second-largest planet in the solar system, will stand close to the upper right of the Moon at dawn...More »

StarDate Radio: June 8 — Moon and Saturn

A big impact basin gives one of the moons of Saturn a dual personality. From some angles, it makes Mimas...More »

Stargazing: June 8

The planet Saturn appears near the Moon in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. It stands to the upper left...More »

Stargazing: June 7

Centaurus wheels low across the south on June nights. Much of the constellation stays below the horizon. The brightest star...More »

StarDate Radio: June 7 — Super Heated

Vega, one of the brightest stars in the night sky, may be orbited by one of the hottest planets. The...More »

StarDate Radio: June 6 — Vega

One of the most brilliant stars in the night sky is a dominant presence from late spring through autumn. Vega...More »

Stargazing: June 6

One of the most brilliant stars is a dominant presence from late spring through autumn. Vega is the fifth-brightest star...More »

StarDate Radio: June 5 — Neutrinos

We’re sorry if it makes you feel a bit squeamish, but trillions of ghostly particles from beyond Earth zip through...More »

Stargazing: June 5

The year’s earliest sunrises in the northern hemisphere occur over the next few days. The date varies by latitude, with...More »

StarDate Radio: June 4 — Star Parties

Visitors to the Grand Canyon will find a bonus beginning on Saturday: the Grand Canyon Star Party. The week-long party...More »

Stargazing: June 4

The Moon is just a day past full tonight, so it overpowers the fainter stars. But some bright stars shine...More »

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