2006 transit of Mercury
Laser adaptive optics system in Chile
Hubble view of Bubble Nebula

StarDate Radio: May 6 — Mercury Transit

A tiny black dot will cross the face of the Sun early Monday: Mercury, the Sun’s closest planet. The entire...More »

StarDate Radio: May 5 — Head Cases

The strong man and the snake handler go head to head on spring and summer nights.

Rasalhague is the star...More »

Stargazing: May 5

The star Rasalhague represents the head of Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer, while Rasalgethi is the head of Hercules. Rasalhague climbs...More »

StarDate Radio: May 4 — Van Allen Belts

The first discovery of the Space Age was two intense radiation belts that encircle Earth. They’re called the Van Allen...More »

Stargazing: May 4

Like its constellation, Hercules, the star Mu Herculis is faint and difficult to find. Yet the star is of particular...More »

StarDate Radio: May 3 — Evening Mars

Mars is pushing into the pre-midnight sky, and getting brighter as it does so. In about three weeks, it’ll...More »

Stargazing: May 3

Mars is pushing into the pre-midnight sky, getting brighter as it does so. Tonight, look for the orange planet quite...More »

StarDate Radio: May 2 — Making Fluorine

Neutrinos are ghostly particles that almost never interact with matter. In fact, trillions of them shoot harmlessly through your body...More »

Stargazing: May 2

Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is disappearing in the evening twilight. Look for the star blazing low...More »

StarDate Radio: May 1 — Beltane

The modern western calendar tells us that summer arrives in the northern hemisphere this year on June 20th — the...More »

Stargazing: May 1

In the calendars of ancient Ireland and Scotland, May 1 was Beltane, a day dedicated to celebrating the end of...More »

StarDate Radio: April 30 — Leaving the Nest

Our solar system is heading into the aftermath of a stellar breakup — a stream of stars that split away...More »

Stargazing: April 30

Corona Borealis, the northern crown, is a pretty semicircle of stars that’s about a third of the way up the...More »

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