Wow! signal
Otto Struve, 1917
merging spiral galaxies
South Korean spacecraft heads for the Moon.

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StarDate Radio: August 15 — Wow!

Astronomers have been looking for signals from other civilizations for more than 60 years. They haven’t found any — at...More »

Stargazing: August 14

The planet Jupiter stays close to the Moon tonight. They climb into good view by about 11 p.m. and arc...More »

StarDate Radio: August 14 — Moon and Jupiter

Brilliant Jupiter — a planet that’s like the hub of a mini solar system — stays close to the Moon...More »

Stargazing: August 13

The Moon swims through the celestial “sea” tonight, which is a group of constellations related to water. As darkness falls,...More »

StarDate Radio: August 13 — More Otto Struve

Few observatory directors have had as colorful a life as Otto Struve. By the time he was 24 years old,...More »

StarDate Radio: August 12 — Otto Struve

Otto Struve knew an opportunity when he saw one.

The University of Chicago astronomer knew that his institution needed a...More »

Stargazing: August 12

The Perseid meteor shower should reach its peak tonight. But an almost-full Moon will overpower all but the brightest meteors....More »

Stargazing: August 11

Saturn is close to the upper left of the Moon as they rise, shortly after nightfall. The Sun’s second-largest planet...More »

StarDate Radio: August 11 — Perseid Meteors

This is a bad time for a full Moon that’s especially big and bright. That’s because a meteor shower will...More »

StarDate Radio: August 10 — Skipping Away

The Perseid meteor shower is building toward its peak. Tonight, you might see a few of its streaks of light,...More »

Stargazing: August 10

The Perseid meteor shower is building toward its peak. Tonight, you might see a few of its streaks of light,...More »

StarDate Radio: August 9 — Saturn at Opposition

Every 12 and a half months, Earth moves past the giant planet Saturn. And that’s about the best time all...More »

Stargazing: August 9

Saturn will line up opposite the Sun in a few days, so the giant planet rises around sunset, is in...More »

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