a huge cloud of gas and newly forming stars make up the vulpecula OB-1 association
jwst image of a star that will explode as a supernova
hubble space telescope images show aftermath of dart impact into an asteroid
venus and jupiter pass close to each other in the evening sky

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StarDate Radio: March 30 — Rockets Galore!

If you’re a city, town, coastline, bit of tundra, or even a desert and you don’t have your own spaceport,...More »

StarDate Radio: March 29 — Venus and Uranus

The insides of the planet Uranus are weird. Some models of the planet suggest it could have “diamondbergs” floating in...More »

Stargazing: March 29

The planet Uranus stands close to Venus, the Evening Star, the next couple of nights. It’s easily visible through binoculars....More »

Stargazing: March 28

The planet Mars is well up in the west-southwest at nightfall. It looks like a bright orange star. Tonight, it’s...More »

StarDate Radio: March 28 — Moon and Mars

Phobos, the larger moon of Mars, could be one of the solar system’s most exciting thrill rides. But if you’re...More »

Stargazing: March 27

The star El Nath stands close to the lower right of the Moon this evening. It forms the tip of...More »

StarDate Radio: March 27 — Moon, El Nath, and Mars

The star El Nath is best known for its position in the sky. It forms the tip of one of...More »

Stargazing: March 26

The Big Dipper is high overhead this evening, with the bowl turned upside down. Link the two stars at the...More »

StarDate Radio: March 26 — Illinois Shower

20 years ago tonight, a little before midnight, a cosmic missile streaked above the Midwest. It startled witnesses across five...More »

StarDate Radio: March 25 — North Poles

The Big Dipper moves high overhead this evening, with the bowl turned upside down. As you take in the view,...More »

Stargazing: March 25

The Pleiades star cluster, which is also known as the Seven Sisters, poses to the upper right of the Moon...More »

StarDate Radio: March 24 — Spring Milky Way

The glowing band of the Milky Way is always tough to find. It’s so faint that you need to get...More »

Stargazing: March 24

The Milky Way arches between Gemini and Orion this evening. To find Orion, look for the line of three bright...More »

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