Sunrise on Mars, February 16, 2018
Hubble Space Telescope view of NGC 3344
messier 48
Lupus 3 star forming region
Great Comet of 1843

StarDate Radio: February 18 — Columba

Here’s a phrase that you probably haven’t heard before: solar antapex. It’s the location in the sky that’s opposite...More »

StarDate Radio: February 17 — Mercury in Conjunction

The smallest of the solar system’s major planets is hiding in the Sun’s glare right now. That’s because Mercury...More »

Stargazing: February 17

Mercury, the smallest of the solar system’s major planets, is hiding in the Sun’s glare. It lines up behind the...More »

StarDate Radio: February 16 — Flying Across Titan

Most of the spacecraft that have touched down on other worlds have been either stationary landers or wheeled rovers....More »

Stargazing: February 16

Beta Pictoris, a star in the constellation Pictor, is visible low in the south from the far-southern United States. The...More »

Stargazing: February 15

The Moon is new today as it crosses the imaginary line between Earth and Sun. It is immersed in the...More »

StarDate Radio: February 15 — Chelyabinsk

Our planet Earth is like a target in a shooting gallery. It could be hit by a big space...More »

Stargazing: February 14

A partial solar eclipse will take place tomorrow, but it won’t be visible from the United States. The eclipse will...More »

StarDate Radio: February 14 — Solar Eclipse

Those hoping for a big encore after last year’s total solar eclipse will have to wait a while. The Sun...More »

Stargazing: February 13

Every night as darkness falls, lonely Polaris, the pole star, pops into view in the north. Unlike the other stars,...More »

StarDate Radio: February 13 — On the Move

Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is on the move. It’s being pulled by the gravity of other galaxies, which...More »

StarDate Radio: February 12 — Winter Milky Way

Not many people seek out dark skies on cold winter nights — they’re not prime skywatching time for much of...More »

Stargazing: February 12

The Milky Way arcs high overhead this evening. It is anchored in the southeast by Sirius, the night sky’s brightest...More »

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