Osiris-Rex makes contact with the asteroid Bennu
Image of OSIRIS-Rex landing site, with diagram of the spacecraft
A black hole rips apart a star
Helix Nebula
Chinese lunar explorers

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Engaging with the Universe from Home

We don’t know how long COVID-19 will keep us all bottled up, but here are a few ways to stay informed and entertained as you pass the time. More »

StarDate Radio: October 24 — Hamal

A little extra weight around a star’s middle shortens its lifespan. The leading light of Aries, for example, is about...More »

StarDate Radio: October 23 — Sunquakes

Big storms on the Sun can have big impacts on Earth. They can damage satellites, disrupt communications, interfere with animal...More »

Stargazing: October 23

The Moon is at first quarter today. It rises in the afternoon and sets around midnight. At first quarter, sunlight...More »

StarDate Radio: October 22 — Moon and Planets

Most of the time, you can’t tell much about how far away the lights in the night sky are just...More »

Stargazing: October 22

The planets Jupiter and Saturn cozy up to the Moon tonight. Jupiter is to the upper right of the Moon...More »

Stargazing: October 21

The Moon and the solar system’s two largest planets line up in the south and southwest as night falls. Jupiter...More »

StarDate Radio: October 21 — Going South

Things didn’t get off to a good start for the Cape of Good Hope Royal Observatory — the first permanent...More »

StarDate Radio: October 20 — Orionid Meteors

Halley’s Comet won’t return to the inner solar system for another four decades. But it makes its presence known tonight...More »

Stargazing: October 20

The Orionid meteor shower should be at its best tonight. It takes place as Earth flies through the path of...More »

Stargazing: October 19

Antares looks up at the Moon in early evening twilight. The orange star stands at the heart of Scorpius. The...More »

StarDate Radio: October 19 — Ready for Touchdown

Osiris-Rex should be just about ready to touch down. The robotic craft will make contact with the asteroid Bennu as...More »

Stargazing: October 18

A glimpse of the Milky Way under dark skies reveals not just its glowing band of light but some dark...More »

StarDate Radio: October 18 — Getting Close

Osiris-Rex is ready to kick up some dust. It’s been flying along with an asteroid for almost two years. And...More »

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This year offers some beautiful skywatching treats, including the opposition of Mars and the closest conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in four centuries. You can find all the details on these and many others in our 2020 Sky Almanac. We also tell you about the rights and wrongs of astronomy and space exploration in science fiction. The digital version of the Almanac was revised on July 1, with additional skywatching tips and the latest details on upcoming milestones in space!

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