Hubble Space Telescope view of galaxy NGC 4449
Messier 34 and Messier 36
Valles Marineris on Mars
Orion's Belt
ALMA view of a newly forming planetary nebula

StarDate Radio: March 29 — Arneb

With every breath, you’re inhaling the “ash” from a nuclear furnace — nitrogen and oxygen created by a star. Many...More »

Stargazing: March 28

Venus, the brilliant “evening star,” teams with the crescent Moon to put on a great show this evening. They are...More »

StarDate Radio: March 28 — Moon and Venus

The clouds of Venus are especially bright. They reflect about two-thirds of the sunlight that strikes them. That makes Venus...More »

Stargazing: March 27

The crescent Moon looks up at the planet Venus this evening. Venus is the brilliant “evening star,” outshining every other...More »

StarDate Radio: March 27 — Wilhelm Roentgen

It’s not unusual for a husband to take a picture of his wife displaying her wedding ring. Until Wilhelm Roentgen...More »

Stargazing: March 26

Betelgeuse has lost some of its luster in recent months. This year, it has dropped to the faintest level ever...More »

StarDate Radio: March 26 — Busy Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse lost some of its luster in recent months. By early this year, the supergiant star was fainter than it...More »

Stargazing: March 25

NGC 4449 is a dwarf galaxy that is forming stars at a rapid pace — star for star, much faster...More »

StarDate Radio: March 25 — ‘Windy’ Galaxies

NGC 4449 is small but busy. The dwarf galaxy looks like it’s recently merged with a couple of other galaxies....More »

Stargazing: March 24

The Moon is new today as it crosses the invisible line between Earth and Sun, so it’s lost from view...More »

StarDate Radio: March 24 — Dwarf Galaxies

Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is the hub of a galactic empire. It’s not the kind with death stars...More »

Stargazing: March 23

The planet Venus is at its towering best right now. The “evening star” is high in the west at sunset...More »

StarDate Radio: March 23 — Towering Venus

The planet Venus is at its towering best right now. The “evening star” is high in the west at sunset...More »

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