Pavonis Mons on Mars
Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter in Jezero Crater, Mars
artist's concept of high-altitude lightning on jupiter
Star cluster M47

Update - A few tips for keeping busy and entertained while staying safe

Engaging with the Universe from Home

Even with the number of people vaccinated on the rise and restrictions being eased, it's still best to stay close to home for a while and follow safe practices. More »

StarDate Radio: April 16 — Moon and Mars

If science fiction has its way, future travelers to Mars might arrive on a giant volcano. Pavonis Mons is miles...More »

StarDate Radio: April 15 — Moon and Aldebaran

Aldebaran, the bright orange eye of the bull, accompanies the Moon down the western sky this evening. It’s to the...More »

Stargazing: April 15

Aldebaran, the bright orange eye of Taurus, the bull, accompanies the Moon down the western sky this evening. It stands...More »

StarDate Radio: April 14 — T Pyxidis

A star in the system known as T Pyxidis isn’t a good neighbor. It’s taking gas from a companion star....More »

Stargazing: April 14

A star in the system T Pyxidis is taking gas from a companion star. Every few decades it erupts, blasting...More »

StarDate Radio: April 13 — Novas

A star can be old and new at the same time. In fact, it can even be dead and new....More »

Stargazing: April 13

Under a dark, clear sky, you may see a couple of thousand stars. The brightest is Sirius, which is well...More »

StarDate Radio: April 12 — GN-z11

Studying one of the farthest known galaxies is like taking a trip through time. Its light has taken 13.4 billion...More »

Stargazing: April 12

Three of the “stars” of spring are climbing higher into the evening sky. Around 10 p.m., look high in the...More »

Stargazing: April 11

Draco, the dragon, slithers around the north and northeast at nightfall and moves high across the sky later on. It’s...More »

StarDate Radio: April 11 — Corvus

You can organize a constellation’s stars in many ways — by brightness, color, or position, for example. But a system...More »

StarDate Radio: April 10 — Cat’s Eye

It’s often the case that an artist’s work isn’t fully appreciated until after the artist is gone. And the same...More »

Stargazing: April 10

The brightest stars of Corvus, the crow, outline a shape like a sail. It flutters in the southeast this evening....More »

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