The Sun sets behind a NASA WB-57F Canberra research aircraft
The Sun's corona shines around the intervening Moon during a total solar eclipse
Map showing the circumstances of the August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse
Sakurai's Object
Artist's concept of Giant Magellan Telescope

Update - Solar Eclipse 2017

Get Ready for the Great American Eclipse

A total solar eclipse will take place on August 21. It will cover a narrow slice of the United States, from Oregon to South Carolina. Millions of Americans are expected to travel to the eclipse path, making it the most-viewed solar eclipse in history. More »

StarDate Radio: August 17 — More Eclipse Science

The B-57 Canberra has been taking to the skies since the Korean War. Today, only three of the aircraft remain....More »

StarDate Radio: August 16 — Eclipse Science

Astronomers have been studying the Sun for so long that you might think they know everything there is to know...More »

Stargazing: August 16

Skywatchers along a narrow path across the U.S. will see a rare sight on Monday: the Sun’s corona, its hot,...More »

StarDate Radio: August 15 — Moon on the Move

The Moon will pass by several prominent companions over the next week. Tomorrow, the bright star Aldebaran, the eye of...More »

Stargazing: August 15

The Moon will pass several bright objects over the next week. Tomorrow, bright Aldebaran, the eye of the bull, will...More »

StarDate Radio: August 14 — Solar Eclipse

Check your tires and your gas gauge and get ready to hit the road for nature’s most spectacular sky show:...More »

Stargazing: August 14

A total solar eclipse will take place on August 21. It will cover a narrow slice of the United States,...More »

StarDate Radio: August 13 — Sakurai’s Object

A dying star in Sagittarius isn’t going quietly. A couple of decades ago, it was “reborn” with an intense outburst...More »

Stargazing: August 13

Sakurai’s Object, a dying star in Sagittarius, was “reborn” a couple of decades ago as it began “burning” helium around...More »

StarDate Radio: August 12 — Black-Hole Blobs

The black hole at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy is one of the quietest around. It’s not pulling...More »

Stargazing: August 12

Sagittarius scoots low across the south on summer nights. Its brightest stars form the outline of a teapot, with clouds...More »

StarDate Radio: August 11 — Future Resident

Sagittarius marks the center of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. So the constellation is packed with stars, star clouds,...More »

Stargazing: August 11

The Perseid meteor shower should be at its best the next couple of nights. There won’t be much to see,...More »

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2017 Sky Almanac

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