Voyager 2 views of the surface of the Jovian moon Ganymede
Tycho's Supernova
artist's concept of ancient venus
radio telescopes scan the skies for signs of intelligent life
Milky Way above Glacier National Park

StarDate Radio: July 22 — Visiting Astronomers

Many of the features on the Moon are named after astronomers. So are features on Mars and other planets and...More »

StarDate Radio: July 21 — Two Crosses

The night sky features two great crosses -- one in the northern hemisphere, and the other in the south.

The...More »

Stargazing: July 21

The Northern Cross is another name for Cygnus, the swan, which sails high overhead on summer evenings. When we look...More »

StarDate Radio: July 20 — Moon and Jupiter

The biggest moon in the solar system is bigger than the planet Mercury. It’s the only moon known to generate...More »

Stargazing: July 20

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, stands just below the Moon this evening and looks like a brilliant...More »

Stargazing: July 19

Spica is the bright star to the lower right of the Moon tonight. Although it looks like a single star,...More »

StarDate Radio: July 19 — Moon and Companions

The Sun isn’t bothered by much. That’s because it orbits the center of the galaxy on its own. But most...More »

Stargazing: July 18

Skywatchers at far-southern latitudes can see Lupus, the wolf, leaping low across the sky on summer evenings. You need dark...More »

StarDate Radio: July 18 — Chemistry Set

It’s almost a cliché these days, but it’s true nonetheless: We are all made of starstuff. The calcium in our...More »

Stargazing: July 17

Cassiopeia the queen sits low in the north-northeast at nightfall, then wheels high to the north at first light. Its...More »

StarDate Radio: July 17 — Supernova Remnants

Cassiopeia the queen sits low in the north-northeast at nightfall, then wheels high to the north at first light....More »

Stargazing: July 16

Delphinus, the dolphin, is in good view in the east at nightfall. This tiny pattern of stars really does look...More »

StarDate Radio: July 16 — Deadly Blasts

The death of a star can produce some spectacular fireworks. The star blasts all or most of itself into space,...More »

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