Galaxy Centaurus A
Radio observatory on the Moon
Hubble Space Telescope after its final servicing mission
Solar storm, May 2019
An asteroid slams into Greenland

StarDate Radio: May 25 — New Jobs

A mission known as NeoWise is scanning the solar system for asteroids whose orbits come close to Earth’s —...More »

StarDate Radio: May 24 — Omega Centauri

Omega Centauri is an intimate place for stars. The cluster contains millions of stars packed into a ball a...More »

Stargazing: May 24

Omega Centauri contains millions of stars packed into a ball a few dozen light-years across. It is bright enough to...More »

StarDate Radio: May 23 — Centaurus A

Centaurus A is the fifth-brightest galaxy in the night sky, so it’s an easy target for telescopes and binoculars....More »

Stargazing: May 23

Some of the brightest stars of winter are dropping from the evening sky. Low in the west at nightfall, look...More »

StarDate Radio: May 22 — Alpha Centauri

Like a bear that spends part of its time in hibernation, the Sun goes through cycles of more and...More »

Stargazing: May 22

Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer, wheels high across the south tonight. It’s not that much to look at — only a...More »

Stargazing: May 21

Look for the Moon and a bright companion the next couple of mornings. The planet Saturn will be close to...More »

StarDate Radio: May 21 — Moon and Saturn

When Apollo astronauts orbited the Moon, they had some quiet time. When they passed behind the Moon, the Moon’s...More »

Stargazing: May 20

Jupiter, the solar system’s largest planet, rises to the upper right of the Moon late this evening. It looks like...More »

StarDate Radio: May 20 — Moon and Planets

The giants of the solar system flank the Moon tonight. Jupiter, the largest planet, rises to the upper right...More »

Stargazing: May 19

Jupiter is easy to find now because it is quite near the Moon. The planet looks like a brilliant star,...More »

StarDate Radio: May 19 — Moon and Jupiter

Jupiter is named for the king of the gods of ancient Rome. The planet earned the name because it’s...More »

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