Moon over Arches National Park
51 Pegasi b
Exoplanets galore
Messier 2
Black hole begins to swallow a neutron star

StarDate Radio: December 12 — Venus and Saturn

The planets Jupiter and Saturn are locked in a bit of a battle — a battle over moons. A recent...More »

StarDate Radio: December 11 — Long-Night Moon

December’s full Moon is known by several names. One is the Cold Moon, while another is the Moon Before Yule...More »

Stargazing: December 11

December’s full Moon is known by several names, including Cold Moon and Moon Before Yule. It’s also known as the...More »

Stargazing: December 10

Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus, the bull, stands close to the Moon at nightfall and even closer to the Moon...More »

StarDate Radio: December 10 — Moon and Aldebaran

You don’t need a thermometer to take the temperature of a star — at least not a bright one. All...More »

Stargazing: December 9

As twilight fades away, the zodiac arcs high across the southern sky. It’s a trail of constellations with one thing...More »

StarDate Radio: December 9 — More Tabbies

Sometime in the last million years, Tabby’s Star may have swallowed a planet. One of the planet’s moons survived the...More »

StarDate Radio: December 8 — Emptiness

It’s lonely out here in the galactic suburbs. The closest neighbors are light-years away — distances that are truly astounding....More »

Stargazing: December 8

Eridanus, the river, meanders through the southern evening sky. It is one of the largest constellations, stretching almost 60 degrees...More »

Stargazing: December 7

Pollux, the brightest star of Gemini, rises in the east-northeast in mid-evening, below its “twin,” Castor. Pollux is almost twice...More »

StarDate Radio: December 7 — Pollux

There’s no formula for predicting just how long a person will live. Genetics, nutrition, exercise, and other factors all play...More »

StarDate Radio: December 6 — 51 Pegasi

A discovery that was announced a quarter of a century ago set off an astronomical Gold Rush. Two European astronomers...More »

Stargazing: December 6

Under dark skies, the star 51 Pegasi is just visible to the unaided eye, high in the southwest at nightfall...More »

2020 Sky Almanac

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This year offers up some beautiful skywatching treats, including the opposition of Mars and the closest conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in four centuries. You can find all the details on these and many others in our 2020 Sky Almanac. We also tell you about the rights and wrongs of astronomy and space exploration in science fiction.

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