1910 promotional illustration for comet pills
Artist's concept of possible Earth-like worlds in other star systems
image of the black hole in the galaxy m87
composite image of a "cannonball" pulsar
dust tails behind a disintegrating asteroid

StarDate Radio: April 21 — Moon and Antares

The Sun is really big — more than a hundred times the diameter of Earth. Yet it’s a mere dot...More »

Stargazing: April 20

The Lyrid meteor shower is building up this weekend. It should hit its peak in the wee hours of Monday...More »

StarDate Radio: April 20 — Lyrid Meteors

A thin but reliable meteor shower is building up this weekend. It should hit its peak in the wee...More »

Stargazing: April 19

The Moon is full today. It stands opposite the Sun in our sky, so sunlight illuminates the entire lunar disk....More »

StarDate Radio: April 19 — Apocalyptic Rumors

Every year or two, we see a scenario play out like this: A web site, book, or other source...More »

Stargazing: April 18

Spica stands to the right or lower right of the Moon at nightfall. It consists of two big, heavy stars....More »

StarDate Radio: April 18 — Moon and Spica

A bright star system with a complicated future keeps company with the full Moon tonight. Spica stands to the...More »

Stargazing: April 17

The golden tresses of Queen Berenice adorn the sky on spring evenings — a spray of stars visible through binoculars...More »

StarDate Radio: April 17 — Alien Climates

Scientists are still working out their models of Earth’s atmosphere — models that become more important as our planet’s...More »

Stargazing: April 16

A sprinkling of faint stars stands high in the east as night falls this evening, above brilliant Arcturus, the brightest...More »

StarDate Radio: April 16 — Cloudy Nights

We don’t have a single picture that shows us the surface of an exoplanet — a planet in a...More »

Stargazing: April 15

Several time bombs are in view this evening. The list includes most of the bright stars of Orion, which is...More »

StarDate Radio: April 15 — Oddball Solar System

Our solar system is an oddball. The way it’s laid out is different from every other planetary system yet...More »

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