collage of images of Alexei Leonov
CHEOPS in orbit
Io photographed in front of Jupiter
VERITAS array in Arizona

StarDate Radio: October 15 — Sending a Message

A group of scientists and musicians is trying to start a conversation over the back fence. The team sent messages...More »

StarDate Radio: October 14 — Ploonets

Researchers recently added a new term to the astronomy vocabulary: ploonet. It describes an object that started out as a...More »

Stargazing: October 14

The brightest star in Aries, the ram, sweeps across the eastern evening sky this month. Hamal is an orange-giant star...More »

Stargazing: October 13

Tonight is the night of the Hunter’s Moon. It’s the full Moon after the Harvest Moon, which appeared in September....More »

StarDate Radio: October 13 — Hunter’s Moon

Few Americans have to hunt wild game to survive the long, cold winter these days. But that hasn’t always been...More »

StarDate Radio: October 12 — Altair

We’ve seen details on the surfaces of only a few stars other than the Sun. Stars are just so far...More »

Stargazing: October 12

Altair, one of the members of the Summer Triangle, stands high in the south as darkness falls and drops down...More »

Stargazing: October 11

Ursa Major hunkers low in the north on autumn evenings. Americans see its brightest stars as the Big Dipper. In...More »

StarDate Radio: October 11 — CHEOPS

Much of what makes science work is following up. After the discoveries are made, more research is needed to fill...More »

Stargazing: October 10

A handful of bright stars fills the evening sky. Around 10 p.m., yellow Capella is low in the northeast, while...More »

StarDate Radio: October 10 — Fusion

The Sun is a giant nuclear reactor. Every second, it “fuses” together about 650 million tons of hydrogen atoms to...More »

StarDate Radio: October 9 — Rare Earths

A mine in California holds the residue of collisions between dead stars. So do even bigger mines in China. The...More »

Stargazing: October 9

Autumn is prime viewing time for Aquarius, the water bearer. One of the 12 constellations of the zodiac, it appears...More »

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