final images of moonlet Dimorphos from DART spacecraft
jwst image of neptune, rings, triton, and other moons
Scientists prepare to film a 1922 solar eclipse to test Einstein's theory of gravity
james webb telescope view of portion of the orion nebula

StarDate Radio: September 30 — Moon and the Scorpion

The heart of the scorpion is doomed. Sometime in the next million years or so, the star Antares is likely...More »

StarDate Radio: September 29 — No Threat

Earth faces many threats from the cosmos. Asteroids or comets could slam into our planet. We could be zapped by...More »

Stargazing: September 29

Draco, the dragon, slithers around the Little Dipper. Its brightest star is Thuban, between Kochab, which is in the dipper,...More »

Stargazing: September 28

The southern claw of the scorpion stands close above the Moon as darkness falls tonight. Formally, the star belongs to...More »

StarDate Radio: September 28 — Big Disruption

“Spaghettification” sounds like prep work for a big pasta dinner. But for scientists, it’s something even tastier: the destruction of...More »

Stargazing: September 27

The Moon is in its waxing crescent phase, so sunlight illuminates only a sliver of the lunar disk. As night...More »

StarDate Radio: September 27 — A Big Collapse?

Astronomers have been debating the fate of some of the hottest, brightest, and most massive stars in the universe for...More »

StarDate Radio: September 26 — Jupiter at Opposition III

Earth and Jupiter wouldn’t appear to have a lot in common. Earth is a ball of rock surrounded by a...More »

Stargazing: September 26

Five constellations that form part of the same story spread across the evening sky. Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Cetus, and Perseus...More »

Stargazing: September 25

The Moon is new today as it crosses the imaginary line between Earth and the Sun. It is lost from...More »

StarDate Radio: September 25 — Jupiter at Opposition II

When Voyager 1 flew past Jupiter more than four decades ago, it recorded radio waves produced by the planet. Scientists...More »

StarDate Radio: September 24 — Jupiter at Opposition

Jupiter is the king of the planets. It’s the biggest of the Sun’s eight major planets — about 11 times...More »

Stargazing: September 24

Jupiter, the Sun’s largest planet, is shining at its best now. It is low in the east as night falls,...More »

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