M97, the Owl Nebula, in Ursa Major
This diagram depicts the 13.8-billion-year history of the universe
Sirius, Mirzam, and M41 in Canis Major, the big dog
Composite view of the Orion Nebula
Deimos and Saturn from Mars Express

StarDate Radio: March 17 — Owl Nebula

An owl stares at us from the Big Dipper — the death mask of a star. It consists of several...More »

Stargazing: March 16

The Moon will be “new” early tomorrow as it crosses the line between Earth and the Sun. It is lost...More »

StarDate Radio: March 16 — The Future

The future of the universe looks dark. The stars will fade away, matter may disintegrate, and even black holes may...More »

Stargazing: March 15

One of spring’s most prominent stars is Arcturus, in the constellation Bootes, the herdsman. This yellow-orange star rises in the...More »

StarDate Radio: March 15 — Before the Big Bang

Scientists pretty much agree that our universe — everything that we can see and touch — evolved from a single...More »

Stargazing: March 14

Cancer, the crab, is well up in the east at nightfall. Although it is part of the zodiac, its stars...More »

StarDate Radio: March 14 — The Big Bang

The universe contains hundreds of billions of galaxies. All but a few of them are moving away from us, with...More »

Stargazing: March 13

As Earth turns, most stars rise in the east and set in the west. But a few remain visible all...More »

StarDate Radio: March 13 — Counting Galaxies

Leo, the lion, springs across the sky on March nights. He’s in the east at nightfall, marked by his prominent...More »

StarDate Radio: March 12 — Zosma

The proper names of the three brightest stars of Leo, the lion, all sound like destinations from a spy thriller:...More »

Stargazing: March 12


The constellation Leo is in the east as night falls, with Regulus, its leading light, about a third of the...More »

StarDate Radio: March 11 — Milky Way Clusters

If you have access to a dark skywatching site, far from the glow of city lights, this is a great...More »

Stargazing: March 11

If you have access to a dark skywatching site, this is a great evening to look at the Milky Way....More »

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