Artemis I and the Moon
Launch of Artemis I
merging galaxies from webb, hubble space telescopes

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StarDate Radio: November 30 — Moon and Companions

The Moon slides through a bright triangle this evening — the planets Jupiter and Saturn and the star Fomalhaut.

Jupiter...More »

StarDate Radio: November 29 — Stormy X-Rays

Muons are handy things. The particles act as cosmic X-ray machines. They’ve allowed scientists to peer into volcanoes, pyramids, and...More »

Stargazing: November 29

A “little goat” scampers high across the sky on autumn nights. Capella represents the shoulder of Auriga the charioteer, although...More »

Stargazing: November 28

The fat crescent Moon is in the south and southwest this evening. The giant planet Saturn stands above the Moon...More »

StarDate Radio: November 28 — Moon and Saturn

The Moon is drifting away from us — at about an inch and a half per year. That’s not much,...More »

Stargazing: November 27

Look for Mars all night long. The planet is low in the east-northeast as night falls and looks like a...More »

StarDate Radio: November 27 — Martian Air

The Martian atmosphere is nothing to sniff at — or to sniff at all. It’s less than one percent as...More »

Stargazing: November 26

Mars is a stunner now. It outshines everything that’s currently in the night sky except the Moon and the planet...More »

StarDate Radio: November 26 — Martian Lake

The landing site of the Perseverance Mars rover could have been quite comfortable about three-and-a-half billion years ago. The rover...More »

StarDate Radio: November 25 — The Sounds of Mars

On Mars, visitors from Earth are like loud neighbors who refuse to settle down. On Mars, though, the noise doesn’t...More »

Stargazing: November 25

For stargazers, no time is as beautiful as late fall and early winter, when the evening sky abounds with bright...More »

StarDate Radio: November 24 — Thanksgiving Sky

The night sky brings Thanksgiving to a beautiful end, highlighted by a couple of bright trios. One is in good...More »

Stargazing: November 24

As night falls, Jupiter, Saturn, and Fomalhaut form a bright triangle. Brilliant Jupiter is half way up in the southeast....More »

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