2006 Mercury transit
Hubble Space Telescope view of a pair of interacting galaxies
Artist's concept of a small planet smacking into the young Jupiter
Animation of our changing view of Uranus

StarDate Radio: November 12 — “Double” Foot

Gemini is known for its brightest stars, Pollux and Castor. They mark the heads of the mythological twins. The stars...More »

StarDate Radio: November 11 — Transits

Astronomers use several techniques to discover planets in other star systems. By far the most prolific is the transit method....More »

Stargazing: November 10

Mercury, the innermost planet, will pass across the face of the Sun today. All or most of the transit will...More »

StarDate Radio: November 10 — Morning Treats

The morning sky offers a couple of treats tomorrow. One is a close conjunction between a bright star and a...More »

Stargazing: November 9

Tomorrow morning’s sky offers a conjunction between Mars and Spica, the brightest star of the constellation Virgo. They will be...More »

StarDate Radio: November 9 — Chi Cygni

When a star is in the prime of life, it can shine steadily for billions of years. As it begins...More »

Stargazing: November 8

Chi Cygni, a star that pulses in and out like a beating heart, aligns near the neck of Cygnus, the...More »

StarDate Radio: November 8 — Mercury Transit

A tiny black dot will crawl across the face of the Sun on Monday: the planet Mercury. Its passage will...More »

Stargazing: November 7

The planet Mercury will crawl across the face of the Sun on Monday. Its passage will be visible across all...More »

StarDate Radio: November 7 — Aquarius

The starry pictures that decorate the night sky are like a giant mural — they’re a complex canvas that never...More »

Stargazing: November 6

Aquarius, one of the constellations of the zodiac, stretches from south to southeast at nightfall, with its brightest stars to...More »

StarDate Radio: November 6 — Cometary Water

Water covers more than two-thirds of Earth’s surface. And scientists are still debating where it came from. A study earlier...More »

Stargazing: November 5

The tiny dipper-shaped Pleiades star cluster climbs into good view on November nights. It is in the east in mid-evening,...More »

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