Comet Wirtanen's path across the December sky
Saturn Nebula
Asteroid Bennu from a distance of 85 miles
Early image of Mars from the InSight lander

StarDate Radio: December 11 — Young Giants

A galaxy from the early universe appears to be churning out massive stars the way GM churns out cars —...More »

StarDate Radio: December 10 — Stretching Out

Like a housecat after a nap, the universe is stretching its legs. Thanks to the Big Bang in which it...More »

Stargazing: December 10

Eridanus, the river, meanders across the southern sky at this time of year. It is one of the largest constellations,...More »

Stargazing: December 9

The Milky Way arches high overhead on December evenings. It outlines the disk of our home galaxy. At nightfall, it...More »

StarDate Radio: December 9 — Stars Old and Young

The Milky Way arches high overhead on December evenings. This hazy band of light outlines the disk of our home...More »

Stargazing: December 8

The planet Saturn is near the Moon tonight. They are quite low in the southwest at sunset, so there’s little...More »

StarDate Radio: December 8 — Moon and Saturn

A big dust storm blanketed the planet Mars for much of this year, hiding much of the surface from view....More »

Stargazing: December 7

Saturn is disappearing from view. The giant planet perches quite low in the southwest not long after sunset, so even...More »

StarDate Radio: December 7 — Saturn Nebula

Saturn is disappearing from view. It’s quite low in the southwest as night begins to fall, so even though it’s...More »

Stargazing: December 6

Canis Major, the big dog, will trot across the southern sky tonight. It’s marked by Sirius, the Dog Star —...More »

StarDate Radio: December 6 — The Little Dog

The big dog trots across the southern sky on these late-autumn nights — the constellation Canis Major. It’s conspicuous thanks...More »

Stargazing: December 5

Bright orange Mars is in the south at nightfall. Tonight, Neptune is to its upper left by less than the...More »

StarDate Radio: December 5 — Mars and Neptune 

Neptune is a forgotten giant. It’s the fourth-largest planet in the solar system — almost four times the diameter of...More »

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