flaming star nebula
diagram showing the local arm and other major spiral arms of the milky way galaxy
a spacecraft approaches mars
dust in flame nebula
hubble space telescope portraits of jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune

StarDate Radio: December 5 — Earliest Sunsets

The Sun isn’t a very good clock. The time it takes to move from one “noon” to the next can...More »

StarDate Radio: December 4 — Flaming Nebula

A star that was kicked out of its birthplace is really lighting things up. The supergiant star illuminates a cloud...More »

Stargazing: December 4

Auriga the charioteer is in the northeast at nightfall, marked by the bright star Capella. A cloud of gas and...More »

Stargazing: December 3

Venus is at its brightest for its current “evening star” appearance the next couple of nights. It is more than...More »

StarDate Radio: December 3 — White Dwarfs

A dead star in Aquila, the eagle, is a double record holder. It’s the heaviest star of its type yet...More »

Stargazing: December 2

Aquila, the eagle, is low in the west-southwest as darkness falls. Its brightest star, Altair, marks the left point of...More »

StarDate Radio: December 2 — Smith’s Cloud

In 30 million years or so, the Milky Way Galaxy may stage a spectacular fireworks display. It could give birth...More »

Stargazing: December 1

The bright star Deneb is high in the west-northwest at nightfall. It represents the tail of Cygnus, the swan. Under...More »

StarDate Radio: December 1 — Longer Arm

The bright star Deneb stands high in the west-northwest at nightfall. It represents both the tail of Cygnus, the swan,...More »

Stargazing: November 30

Harry Potter fans may boo when they hear its name, but Bellatrix is one of the hottest, brightest stars in...More »

StarDate Radio: November 30 — Puffy Disk

Nine billion years ago, another galaxy rammed into the Milky Way. It was only a tiny fraction the mass of...More »

StarDate Radio: November 29 — Age of the Milky Way

Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is ancient. It was born perhaps 13.6 billion years ago — just a couple...More »

Stargazing: November 29

The glowing outline of the Milky Way stands high in the sky this evening. After night falls, it arcs from...More »

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