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Current Issue: November/December 2022

First feature, July-August 2022

Killer Asteroids
Asteroid explosions in the atmosphere, impacts on Earth’s surface, and rains of iron and rock all threaten life on our planet. But how many of these encounters have already been killers?
By Damond Benningfield

Second feature, November/December 2022

Asteroid Killers
While astronomers look for asteroids and comets on potential impact courses, engineers are devising ways to deflect or destroy them.
By Jasmin Fox-Skelly


Merlin discusses the expanding universe, dark matter, and the weak but overwhelming grip of gravity.

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Sky Highlights

Mars shines at its most brilliant in November and December as it reaches opposition, shining through all or most of the night. Jupiter remains in great view, while Saturn begins its exit from the evening sky. On the other hand, Venus and Mercury climb into view in the evening sky of December. The stars of winter begin to replace those of autumn in December, with magnificent Orion climbing across the south, trailed by Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.


Viewing the universe in three dimensions and a total lunar eclipse


  • A new study suggests that the bright star Betelgeuse turned orange about 2,000 years ago.
  • Two giant black holes may be headed for a spectacular merger.
  • The Perseverance Mars rover has found organic molecules in an ancient river delta, suggesting the sight might once have been a cozy niche for life.

In the January/February Issue

Our 2023 Sky Almanac issue will bring you all the details on what to look for in the night sky, plus a solar eclipse in the daytime sky in October. And since 2023 will mark our golden anniversary, we’ll present 50 years of progress in astronomical science and technology.

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