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Current Issue: July/August 2022

First feature, July-August 2022

The Quest to Find the First Stars
Astronomers have yet to see a first-generation star, but discovering them is one of the ‘holy grails’ of astrophysics.
By Jasmin Fox-Skelly

Second feature, July-August 2022

A Quarter-Century of High Rollers

By Piers Bizony


Merlin clears up a Moon muddle, explains how we see images of the Milky Way Galaxy from the outside (spoiler alert: they’re not real), and reveals the fate of black holes.

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Sky Highlights

Scorpius and Sagittarius highlight summer nights, scooting low across the southern sky. Bright orange Antares marks the scorpion’s hook-shaped body, with teapot-shaped Sagittarius to its left. Under dark skies, the Milky Way rises from the teapot’s spout like steam. The Summer Triangle is in good view in the east by mid-evening in July and early evening in August.


Headache-free cosmology, and a late-year Mars chronology.


An artist’s concept of a micronova, with an eruption from the pole of a white dwarf (left) and its companion star in the background  [Mark Garlick]

* NASA extends the lifetimes of several missions of exploration and receives priorities for some new ones.

* A new recipe for mid-size black holes, and a black that’s getting away.

* A ‘little’ big blast from a binary star system.

* Three new missions prepare for departure.

In the Next Issue

Astronomers, students, teachers, and even the general public are controlling telescopes from far away, helping to track asteroids, find exoplanets, and make many other contributions to science and outreach, and we’ll tell you all about them. We’ll also recount the story of a Russian army officer and member of a long line of European astronomers who became the first director of McDonald Observatory.

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