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Current Issue: March/April 2023

How’s the Weather Up There?
Space weather can cause big problems here on Earth, so scientists are working hard to develop better forecasts.
By Kristen Pope

Digging Into Lunar History
As NASA prepares to return to the Moon in a big way, its scientists are restoring observations made by earlier missions, which is a big challenge on its own.

By Syed Hussain Ather


Merlin ponders highs and lows on Mars, getting the length of a day, ‘leaking’ from other universes, and weight loss for the Moon.

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Sky Highlights

March begins with Venus and Jupiter, the brightest objects in the night sky other than the Moon, forming a dazzling pair in the west at nightfall, but they quickly separate, with Jupiter disappearing in the sunset by month’s end. Venus, on the other hand, climbs higher, sliding near the shoulder of the bull, represented by the Pleiades star cluster, a third of the way through April. The Moon teams up with Venus and the bull’s orange eye, the star Aldebaran, later on.


Pond hopping, retiring a high flyer, and real science from your own back yard


  • A European spacecraft is ready to head for Jupiter, where it will probe the oceans on three giant moons.
  • Japan prepares a lunar lander and an X-ray telescope for launch.
  • The universe was making galaxies soon after the Big Bang.

In the May/June Issue

We’ll bring you news about the exciting search for dark matter at McDonald Observatory, and discuss plans for growing food on the Moon and Mars.

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