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The Great North American Eclipse

by Damond Benningfield

This issue answers all of your questions about the upcoming Great North American Eclipse on April 8th, 2024! This is our guide to one of nature’s most beautiful and astounding events: a total solar eclipse. We’ll also have all the latest astronomy news, a comprehensive two-month stargazing guide for the months of March and April, detailed skycharts, and answers to your astronomy questions from our science guru Merlin.

Cover March/April 2024 StarDate

“25 Questions (and Answers) About The Great North American Eclipse”

by Damond Benningfield

Our guide to one nature's most beautiful and astounding events: What you might see , how to view it safely, how animals might react, and some of the mythology and superstitions about the Sun's great disappearing act.

Several ferocious creatures claw their way across the evening sky as winter gives way to spring, although only two of them are ferociously bright. At the same time, a constellation that represents the golden locks of a queen springs into evening view. Planets are hard to come by, however, with only Jupiter in good view.

  • Great Balls o’ Fire
  • Long-Distance Mail
  • Astronomy in the Andes
  • Catching a Ride to Mars
  • Streaming Space
  • Moon Claims New Victims
  • Worlds of Fire and Water
  • Mars to the Stars
  • Giant Eruption from a Blobby Star

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In the March/April 2024 issue, Merlin answers questions about the “gravitational slingshot” technique, Saros, and the Big Bang.

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