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Sunrise & Sunset Calculator

The default data below are sunrise/sunset times at McDonald Observatory.

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March 2024

Latitude: °, Longitude: °, Timezone:

Friday 1
Rise 7:20am
Set 6:56pm
Saturday 2
Rise 7:19am
Set 6:57pm
Sunday 3
Rise 7:17am
Set 6:57pm
Monday 4
Rise 7:16am
Set 6:58pm
Tuesday 5
Rise 7:15am
Set 6:59pm
Wednesday 6
Rise 7:14am
Set 6:59pm
Thursday 7
Rise 7:13am
Set 7:00pm
Friday 8
Rise 7:12am
Set 7:01pm
Saturday 9
Rise 7:10am
Set 7:01pm
Sunday 10
Rise 8:09am
Set 8:02pm
Monday 11
Rise 8:08am
Set 8:03pm
Tuesday 12
Rise 8:07am
Set 8:03pm
Wednesday 13
Rise 8:06am
Set 8:04pm
Thursday 14
Rise 8:04am
Set 8:05pm
Friday 15
Rise 8:03am
Set 8:05pm
Saturday 16
Rise 8:02am
Set 8:06pm
Sunday 17
Rise 8:01am
Set 8:07pm
Monday 18
Rise 8:00am
Set 8:07pm
Tuesday 19
Rise 7:58am
Set 8:08pm
Wednesday 20
Rise 7:57am
Set 8:09pm
Thursday 21
Rise 7:56am
Set 8:09pm
Friday 22
Rise 7:55am
Set 8:10pm
Saturday 23
Rise 7:53am
Set 8:10pm
Sunday 24
Rise 7:52am
Set 8:11pm
Monday 25
Rise 7:51am
Set 8:12pm
Tuesday 26
Rise 7:50am
Set 8:12pm
Wednesday 27
Rise 7:48am
Set 8:13pm
Thursday 28
Rise 7:47am
Set 8:14pm
Friday 29
Rise 7:46am
Set 8:14pm
Saturday 30
Rise 7:45am
Set 8:15pm
Sunday 31
Rise 7:44am
Set 8:16pm
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