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The Return of IGRINS

by Emily Howard

This issue highlights the return of an instrument that studies the infrared universe, and after a decade, it’s about to come home to the McDonald Observatory in Texas. We’ll also have all the latest astronomy news, a comprehensive two-month stargazing guide for the months of May and June, detailed skycharts, and answers to your astronomy questions from our science guru Merlin.

“The Return of IGRINS”

by Emily Howard

“The Search for ‘Dark’ Stars”

by Jasmin Fox-Skelly

The Big Dipper serves as a sort of GPS for the night sky. The alignments of different stars within the dipper can guide you to both bright stars and fainter constellations. The planets Saturn and Mars highlight the early morning sky, shining like bright, steady stars, while Scorpius climbs to prominence as spring turns to summer.

  • Science Gets Personal
  • Artistic Lunar Phases
  • StarDate Family Loses Beloved Member
  • Black Holes Small and Giant
  • Hot Times in the Outer Solar System
  • Mars and Earth’s Climate, Oceans
  • The Sun Gets Frisky
  • Giant Volcano

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In the May/June 2024 issue, Merlin answers questions about sunset ray angles and the visibility of dark matter.

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