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Earth's Moon

The only natural satellite of Earth.


Craters and Extinctions February 19, 2016

Earth’s Moon February 19, 2016


Earth February 10, 2016

Featured Images

Moon over Arches National Park

Plenty of Moonlight December 11, 2019

Composite image showing sites of possible ice deposits on Mercury

Icy Darkness November 24, 2019

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Shackleton crater at lunar south pole

Reconnoitering the Moon June 23, 2019

Hayabusa 2 on Ryugu; Beresheet heads for the Moon

Space Shots February 22, 2019

Hidden Moon January 16, 2019

Icy Goodness November 11, 2018

Moonrise July 5, 2018

gravity map of a portion of the Moon

Lumpy Moon June 22, 2018

moonrise at arches national park

Moonwatching October 28, 2017

Full Moon behind the Wisconsin state capitol, September 2015

Bright Moon November 13, 2016

Venus, Mercury, and the earthshine-illuminated crescent Moon

Lighting the Shadows May 30, 2014

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter view on lunar north polar regions

Top o' the Moon March 19, 2014

GRAIL map of lunar surface gravity

Lunar Lumpiness April 14, 2013

Gravitational map of the Moon compiled by the GRAIL mission

Lunar Attraction December 15, 2012

Apollo 17 at the rim of Shorty Crater, December 1972

Back to the Moon(rocks) June 11, 2012

Dark lunar features are named seas or oceans

Split Personality February 9, 2012

Earth's atmosphere distorts the Moon as seen from the International Space Statio

Squashed Moon January 17, 2012

Artist's concept of GRAIL spacecraft measuring the Moon's gravitational field

Lunar Arrival December 30, 2011

Map of the Moon's gravitational field

Lunar Lumpiness September 6, 2011

Earth and Moon from International Space Station

Blue Moon? March 21, 2011

Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard poses with the American flag on the Moon

Long Journey February 6, 2011

Lunar crater gouged by Apollo 14 booster rocket

A Big Whack February 4, 2011

Just Hanging Around January 11, 2010

Radio Programs

Moon, Mars, Mercury M&M&Ms in the dawn sky November 23, 2019

Moon and Regulus A barrage from the asteroid belt October 22, 2019

Learning Secrets Tapping into the secrets of the Moon July 23, 2019

Lunar Laser Aiming a laser pointer at the Moon July 22, 2019

Moon and Venus Pockmarked worlds in the dawn sky March 31, 2019

Moon and Spica The Moon’s thin atmosphere March 21, 2019

Moon and Jupiter Counting flashes on the Moon February 26, 2019

Moon and Companions A bright triangle in the dawn sky December 2, 2018

More Moon and Saturn Cool water on the Moon November 11, 2018

Moon and Venus Shaking up the lunar surface September 11, 2018

Moon and Aldebaran Covering up a bright star July 9, 2018

Moon and Companions The Moon’s “lumpy” gravity June 22, 2018

Moon and Regulus Night and day on the Moon April 23, 2018

Moon and Aldebaran The Moon inches farther away April 18, 2018

Moon and Spica Slithering across the Moon February 4, 2018

X-Ray Astronomy III Heating up a pancake January 9, 2018

Moon and Aldebaran Calibrating the dark Moon December 30, 2017

Moon and Companions Gassing up a lunar atmosphere December 13, 2017

Moon and Mars More water on two nearby worlds December 12, 2017

Lunar Migration Moving with the phases of the Moon November 13, 2017

Moon and Regulus Flashes on the dark Moon November 10, 2017

Moon Watching A special night for moonwatching October 28, 2017

Moon and Companions Getting close to two north poles August 29, 2017

Moon and Saturn Snake-like creatures on the Moon July 6, 2017

Moon and Companions The jumbled-up “dark” side of the Moon July 1, 2017

Moon and Venus Beautiful encounters with the Moon June 19, 2017

Moon and Venus Weather on the surface of the Moon May 20, 2017

Moon and Saturn Light and dark on the lunar surface April 15, 2017

Moon, Jupiter, and Spica Making the Moon face our way April 11, 2017

Moon and Regulus Sneaking up on the celestial lion — after this. February 10, 2017

Moon and Planets Earth and the Moon move around January 3, 2017

Moon and Aldebaran Disappearing in the moonlight December 12, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran Going nose to nose with the bull November 14, 2016

Frosty Moon The “frosty” glow of the full Moon November 13, 2016

More Moon and Planets Sponging up some lunar water November 2, 2016

Moon and Saturn A vigorous debate about Selenites June 18, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran Building a moon in a hurry April 10, 2016

Good Librations Peeking at the far side of the Moon March 21, 2016

Moon and Companions Circling through the stars March 20, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran Diving into a famous lunar “sea” March 13, 2016

Fingernail Moon Moving at the speed of a fingernail March 10, 2016

Moon and Spica Filling a lunar “ocean” January 29, 2016

Moon and Companions Building a mound on the Moon — after this. January 6, 2016

Breaking Down Breaking down lunar soil December 13, 2015

Blood Harvest Super Moon Lining up names for the full Moon September 26, 2015

Moon and Spica Frozen in place in lunar skies July 21, 2015

Moon and Antares Digging up some lunar history June 1, 2015

Moon, Saturn, and Antares Heating up the Moon’s interior March 11, 2015

Moon and Regulus Settling the dust on the Moon February 3, 2015

More Moon and Jupiter The Moon stays active February 2, 2015

Moon and Companions A brilliant presence in the night sky January 15, 2015

Moon and Aldebaran A game of cat and mouse in the night sky December 31, 2014