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Grades PreK-3 (Ages 3-8)


Earth’s Moon February 19, 2016

Saturn's rings

Saturn February 10, 2016


Jupiter February 10, 2016


Earth February 10, 2016


Venus February 10, 2016

Taurus, the Bull

Taurus, the Bull May 25, 2010

Perseus, the Hero

Perseus, the Hero May 25, 2010

Leo, the Lion

Leo, the Lion May 25, 2010

A giant plume of hot gas explodes from the Sun's surface. Giant bubbles of hot g

Our Star, the Sun June 8, 2006

Radio Programs

Leap Day Leaping with the seasons February 29, 2016

Moon and Spica The end of a long journey February 26, 2016

Moon and Jupiter The might of a giant planet — after this. February 23, 2016

Moon, Regulus, and Jupiter Powering up curtains of light February 22, 2016

Arrow of Time Going forward in time February 16, 2016

Moon and Companions Two planets without moons February 5, 2016

Moon and Venus A “liquid” atmosphere for Venus February 4, 2016

Moon and Spica Filling a lunar “ocean” January 29, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran Years of playing “peek-a-boo” January 19, 2016

Zapped! Zapped by the Sun — twice January 18, 2016

End of the River A river that ends twice January 17, 2016

Eridanus A footstool for the hunter January 16, 2016

Moon and Companions Building a mound on the Moon — after this. January 6, 2016

Moon and Venus Dropping in on a nasty planet January 5, 2016

Tau Ceti Visiting a dusty star system — after this. January 4, 2016

Mars and Meteors Mars, meteors, and the Moon — after this. January 3, 2016

Winter Solstice Beckoning the Sun to return December 21, 2015

El Nath Sharing a bright star December 20, 2015

Geminid Meteors Dark skies for a meteor shower December 12, 2015

Moon and Jupiter The master of a busy domain December 3, 2015

Venus and Spica A star that’s more than meets the eye December 1, 2015

EV Lacertae A tiny star with a big temper October 30, 2015

Venus and Jupiter A great show from the “morning star” October 22, 2015

Orionid Meteors Reminders of a distant comet October 18, 2015

Moon, Saturn, Antares Tracking Saturn across the sky October 15, 2015

Triangulum Galaxy A busy member of the Local Group October 5, 2015

Blood Harvest Super Moon Lining up names for the full Moon September 26, 2015

Lunar Eclipse Lining up a skywatching treat September 25, 2015

September Equinox Changing seasons — one way or another September 21, 2015

Moon and Venus Beauty and fire in the dawn sky September 7, 2015

Moon and Aldebaran A stellar disappearing act September 3, 2015

Moon and Saturn Probing the heart of a giant August 20, 2015

Heating Saturn Heating up Saturn’s interior August 18, 2015

Changing Addresses Venus moves to the morning sky August 14, 2015

More Perseids Flashes of light in the summer night August 10, 2015