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History of Astronomy


Radio Programs

Taking the measure of a giant
Two planets without moons
The first soft landing on the Moon
A surprising star cluster
Looking into a galactic well
The first look at a hidden landscape
A puffy planet gets some attention
A good showing for “George’s Star”
The crackle of the Big Bang
Discovering our closest neighbor
Ready for the first day of class
“Discovering” an ancient star cluster
Visiting an observatory by stagecoach
Getting the first good look at Mars
Unlocking the secrets of the stars
A hint of an interstellar radio station
Handing down pictures of the stars
Measuring a planetary day
The “blunder of the century”
Hubble Space Telescope takes flight
Changing views of southern skies
Making a mess of Easter Sunday
A royal heart for a royal beast
Taking a look at the busy Sun
Filling the space between the stars
A new name for leftover building blocks
The changing landscape of the sky
An astronomer who saw double
Eyeballing some changes in the sky
The Moon takes aim at a faint giant
Discovering the expanding universe
A memento of a college basketball star
A wall of galaxies across the universe
Setting your watch by the stars
Discovering a meteor shower
Explaining bands of nothing
Solving the mystery of a demon star
Science and service in World War II
European astronomy during the war
Heading toward World War II
Laying the groundwork for black holes
The true nature of a glowing cat’s eye
Staring into the eye of Jupiter
Scanning the “barcode” of the Sun
A successful crash in the Moon Race
Logging star clusters in Sagittarius
Keeping an eye on bright “new” stars
Cosmic missiles slam into Jupiter
A glittering test subject in the summer sky
Names for all the solar system
A bold idea for exploring the universe
Probing matter between the stars
Celebrating some astronomical masterpieces
Tracking down false comets
Studying the mysteries of the universe
Probing the mysteries of the stars
Collaboration in the name of science
Lawsuits, recruitment, and stars
The start of a scientific adventure
A first look at a little planet
From exploding bombs to exploding stars
Love and beauty in the dawn sky
Slivers of stars in the southern sky
Cooking up a piece of glass
Classifying the stars
A rare astronomical opportunity
Pioneering at 25 cents an hour
Going eye-to-eye with a giant
Dangerous nights at the telescope
Making up for lost time
A musical intro for a noted astronomer
An observatory gets a new start
A change of direction for McDonald Observatory
Pioneering a new way to see the universe
Taking a good look at an exoplanet
Sneaking into astronomical history
Snapping pictures of the night sky
Mapping southern skies
A special day for astronomy
Sailing across the southern sky
A large, close-knit planetary family
Lighting up a distant galaxy
The long-range secret of odd “stars”
Missing a “stellar” opportunity
Destroying a “second Earth”
Pioneering a path to another world
A big moon keeps its secrets
Overlooking a giant planet
Flirting with the stars
A star that’s more than a star
Risking life and limb for a solar eclipse
A cruel twist of nature
War, embezzlement, and comets
From hardware-store owner to cosmic celebrity
Drawing the lives of the stars
Looking beneath the brim of a galaxy
Stars without much flash
Taking note of a new planet
Opening a new “window” on the universe
Measuring out a solar-system ruler
Ticking off the hours until a solar eclipse
Firing a laser at the Moon
Albert Einstein “warps” the universe
Uncovering the secrets of a star
A galaxy with a loud voice
Slamming into the far side of the Moon
Taking a balloon ride for science
A dark discovery for a giant planet
Squeezing the heart of a dead star
A close companion for a bright star
Buying space rocks for a dollar a pound
A burning passion for space rocks
Planets around a dead star
Bringing the calendar to heel
An extra reindeer for Santa’s sleigh
The champion of all comet hunters
Discovering a mysterious cosmic energy
Fire and water in the night sky
Rare birds in southern skies
The man who discovered an atmosphere
Staging a return to deep space
War, peace, and fine wines
A great show by a “dirty snowball”
Eyeballing some changes in the sky
A first encounter with a space rock
Filling the space between the stars
Giving birth to a galaxy
A new career for a pioneering telescope
Getting the stars organized
A fanciful design for a starship
Hunting up a faint cosmic bulb
A new name for invisible stars
Changing concepts of a giant world
Subatomic particles and dead dinosaurs
A ring of fire around a planet
Ducking cannonfire in the name of science
Dodging cannonfire in the name of science
Spreading out to watch a little black dot
One year away from a rare event
Discovering a "peaceful" planetoid...
Naming ancient volcanic basins
Searching for an elusive moon
A "calculated" planetary discovery...
An armada takes aim at Halley's Comet...
Plotting the motions of the sky
Filling in some gaps in the sky
Changing ideas about the universe
Spotting a spotted constellation
Tracers of a bygone constellation
Stoking the fires of the Sun
Sowing discord in the outer solar system
Chiseling a faint constellation
Discovering a stellar nursery
Getting together for science
Getting acquainted with a giant planet
A planet returns to its beginnings
Getting the scale of the universe half right
Charting the limited speed of light
Cruising toward the stars
Follow the jumping electrons
Breathing in an exotic element
A quasi-stellar mystery
Mapping the Milky Way galaxy
An astronomer's cosmic menagerie...
Lighting up the enormous universe
Most of the universe goes missing
From microscopes to telescopes
Sneaking into astronomical history
Venus's on-again, off-again moon...
Outlining a perfect cosmic pinwheel
Digging into a big hole in the ground
Hiding from a "gassy" visitor...
Fear and favor in the heavens
Digging up Martian canals
Stepping across the solar system
A "heavy" discovery from a faint star...
Picking names for the moons of Jupiter
Little "stars" around a giant planet...

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