General Information

Do you offer an RSS feed or podcast?

Yes, you can follow StarDate in the these ways:

What star(s) did I see in sky last night?

Please refer to our Stargazing page for up-to-date stargazing information or last week’s stargazing tips for anything you might have missed.

How can I get a star named after someone?

StarDate does not endorse the commercial sale of star names and recognizes the International Astronomical Union as the world’s official organization for naming stars and other celestial objects.

Who wrote the “StarDate” background music?

The “StarDate” background music was written by Bill Harwell and Patterson Barrett specifically for StarDate. Listeners interested in similar music should check out the offerings of Lochness Productions.

Can I link to your site?

Yes, please do. If you would like us to consider your site for a return link, please send a message to the webmaster using the contact form.

Can I copy information I find on your site?

Please refer to our copyright page for information on reproducing materials found on StarDate Online and submitting requests to republish it.

Where can I hear StarDate in my area?

Our daily, two-minute radio program can be heard on more than 200 radio stations nationwide. Find one near you with our Affiliate Search Form.

Where can I get star charts?

Buy and download them from our online store.

Where can I get celestial images?

We offer a small selection of astronomical images in our Gift Shop, plus links to free and commercial sources on our Resource List.

When does the Sun rise or set where I live?

Use our sunrise/sunset calculator to view a month’s worth of sunrise and sunset times for any location on Earth. Use the Moon phase calculator to view lunar phase for any month from 1951 to 2015.

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