Radio’s Guide to the Universe

Sandy Wood, voice of StarDateSandy Wood, the voice of StarDateStarDate debuted in 1978, making it the longest-running national radio science feature in the country. It airs on more than 300 radio stations.

StarDate tells listeners what to look for in the night sky, and explains the science, history, and skylore behind these objects. It also keeps listeners up to date on the latest research findings and space missions. And it offers tidbits on astronomy in the arts and popular culture, providing ways for people with diverse interests to keep up with the universe.

StarDate is a production of The University of Texas McDonald Observatory, which also produces the Spanish-language Universo Online web site and the bi-monthly StarDate magazine.

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Today on StarDate

August 18-24: Seeing Red

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is one of the most recognizable features in the solar system — even though it’s always changing. It wiggles around, its color brightens and fades, and it’s shrinking in a hurry. Join us for the Great Red Spot and more.

August 25-31: Forgotten Giant

Neptune is one of the giants of the solar system, but it’s so far away that it’s easily overlooked. We’ll turn the spotlight on this forgotten giant this week. And we’ll also take a look at a glowing cat’s eye.


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