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Current Issue: January/February 2015

Blowing Bubbles

Blowing Bubbles

For many stars, the end comes in a blaze of glory. For a brief cosmic moment, the star blows a bubble that shines through the void in vivid Technicolor. For stars like the Sun, the bubble is a relatively gentle creation, like a child blowing a soap bubble on a summer afternoon. For the most massive stars, though, the bubble bursts into view like an exploding Fourth of July rocket.

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For more than a decade, astronomers studying Betelgeuse have found that the red supergiant star is shrinking. We’ll introduce the scientists and find out what they think is causing the star to change. We’ll also delve into history with a look at how World War II affected astronomers and observatories at home and abroad. And, of course, get a jump on your spring skywatching with our tips and charts.

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