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The universe seems to be pervaded with a previously unknown, and still unexplain

Dark Energy May 21, 2010

In galaxy cluster CL0024+1654, each yellow dot is a galaxy.

Dark Matter May 21, 2010

Tiny variations in the "afterglow" of the Big Bang are shown as different colors

Age of the Universe May 21, 2010

Rings encircle a young planet in this artist's concept.

Exoplanets May 21, 2010

Black Holes May 21, 2010

Radio Programs

New Names New names for a family of planets February 19, 2016

Planetary Pebbles Ingredients for a giant planet February 14, 2016

Switching On Switching on the heart of a galaxy December 18, 2015

Moon and Aldebaran Patiently watching the bull’s eye October 29, 2015

Tau Ceti De-populating a popular star system October 13, 2015

Hot Planet A world you wouldn’t want to visit October 12, 2015

51 Pegasi A puffy planet gets some attention October 11, 2015

Moon and Companions Bright companions for the Moon October 6, 2015

Rare Gems Yellow gems from the water bearer October 2, 2015

More Cosmic Background Taking the universe’s temperature October 1, 2015

Cosmic Background The crackle of the Big Bang September 30, 2015

Mirach Stars at opposite ends of the scale September 28, 2015

Dabih A dizzying system of stars September 22, 2015

Luminous Red Novae One star born from two September 2, 2015

Hunting Planets IV Patiently looking for planets August 28, 2015

Hunting Planets III Looking for big, cold planets August 27, 2015

Hunting Planets II More nights hunting for planets August 26, 2015

Hunting Planets Getting ready to hunt planets August 25, 2015

Far, Far Away Mapping the distance to the galactic center August 13, 2015

Making a Magnetar Making a powerful magnet August 5, 2015

Delta Cephei A surprise from a well-known star August 2, 2015

Delta Cygni Spreading out a stellar trio July 30, 2015

Future Outbursts Setting up future outbursts July 23, 2015

Bread Crumbs Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs July 22, 2015

Doomed Stars Two stars with a bright future June 16, 2015

Doomed Planets Planets with limited lifetimes June 11, 2015

Day and Night Day and night on distant planets June 10, 2015

Exoplanets An astounding variety of planets June 8, 2015

Moon and Leo “Weighing” two giant stars May 23, 2015

Moon and Jupiter Jupiter loses its status May 22, 2015

Saturn at Opposition III Drawing rings around a giant planet May 19, 2015

Former Neighbor Discovering a one-time neighbor May 6, 2015

Future Quadruplets A star cloud prepares to give birth April 15, 2015

The Search Continues The search for planets continues April 12, 2015

MY Camelopardalis A brilliant duet for the giraffe March 14, 2015

Seeing the Past Looking at the solar system’s past February 28, 2015

Fewer New Stars A decline in the stellar birth rate February 25, 2015

Triple Play A triple play in the evening sky February 18, 2015

Cancer Grabbing a toe was a bad idea February 14, 2015

Beta Monocerotis A brilliant set of triplets February 9, 2015

Celestial Equator Splitting the night sky in half January 30, 2015

Cold Dark Matter Getting cold to catch dark matter January 26, 2015

Soudan Laboratory Digging deep for dark matter January 25, 2015

Binary Planets Two planets for the price of one January 19, 2015

Close Escape A black hole snacks on a star January 12, 2015

Survivor The heart of the galaxy stays quiet January 11, 2015

Moon and Aldebaran A game of cat and mouse in the night sky December 31, 2014

Hot Weather Hot weather on a distant planet December 25, 2014

Moon and Aldebaran A 20-parsec jaunt across the galaxy December 4, 2014

Fast Day A planet that spins in a hurry December 1, 2014

Rara Avis II Dancing with the firebird November 29, 2014

Epsilon Aurigae Playing Frisbee with a bright star November 22, 2014

Big Bang Starting a universe with a bang November 18, 2014

COBE Deciphering the static of the early universe November 17, 2014

New Names Spicing up the names of distant worlds October 19, 2014

Moon and Aldebaran Avoiding a celestial collision October 10, 2014

Black Hole Reality The reality about black holes October 9, 2014

Event Horizon An astronomical point of no return October 8, 2014

Three-Headed Monster A trio of giant black holes October 7, 2014

Rasalhague The head of the serpent bearer September 6, 2014

Paper Black Holes Laying the groundwork for black holes August 31, 2014

Doomed Planets Doomed planets around a dying star August 23, 2014

Planet Bonanza A plenitude of exoplanets August 22, 2014

Construction Zone A busy construction zone around a star August 10, 2014

Sigma Scorpii Impressive stars near the scorpion’s heart August 8, 2014

Moon and Companions The scorpion’s southern claw August 2, 2014

WIMP-y Glow Bright evidence of dark matter July 29, 2014

Dark Center Darkness in the heart of the galaxy July 28, 2014

Mars and Spica Two lights passing in the night sky July 9, 2014

Close Quartet A nearby stellar quartet June 21, 2014

Companionship Looking for stellar companions May 28, 2014

Too Close Getting too close to a dark monster May 17, 2014

Rasalhague A preview of coming attractions May 16, 2014

Distant Planets IV Young planets on the move April 30, 2014

Distant Planets III A giant planet near the head of the water snake April 29, 2014

Distant Planets II A patient search for distant planets April 28, 2014

Distant Planets Looking for hard-to-find planets April 27, 2014

61 Virginis Some nearby planetary neighbors April 24, 2014

Moon and Venus Racking up the frequent-flyer miles April 23, 2014

Emptiness The emptiness between the stars April 20, 2014

Moon and Antares A journey to a stellar supergiant March 20, 2014

In-Between Planets Super-Earths and mini-Neptunes March 3, 2014

Earths Galore Earth-like planets by the millions February 21, 2014

Z Machine Firing the world’s biggest X-ray machine February 2, 2014

M101 ULX-1 Weirdness in a nearby galaxy January 15, 2014

Black Hole Collisions Tiny threats rip through Earth January 14, 2014

EX Hydrae Two small but busy stars December 18, 2013

NGC 660 The glow of escaping table scraps December 16, 2013

Blue-Hot Planet A visit to another blue planet December 1, 2013

Andromeda Galaxy II Black holes in a neighboring galaxy November 7, 2013

Pleiades White Dwarf A star that went gently into the night October 11, 2013

Merging Stars Two stars that become one October 4, 2013

Gaia Counting up the stars October 2, 2013

Moon and Jupiter Looking for a giant planet September 27, 2013

ER Vulpeculae Two stars locked in a tight embrace September 26, 2013

Moon and Aldebaran Looking 67 years back in time August 26, 2013

Equuleus Two stars whose fates are intertwined August 23, 2013

HAT P-7 Cooling off a distant star August 15, 2013

Toasted Planets Toasting planets from the inside out August 14, 2013

Dark Detections Looking for particles that don’t wimp out August 6, 2013

Dark Experiments Looking for the unseeable August 5, 2013

Dark Universe Adding up the universe August 4, 2013

Black Hole Beacon A black hole announces its presence July 24, 2013

Galactic Bubbles Keeping food from a black hole July 23, 2013

Barnard 68 Lighting up a dark cloud July 6, 2013

Albireo A colorful stellar duo July 5, 2013

‘Medium’ Nova A mid-size stellar explosion July 1, 2013

Anti-Discovery The possible signature of dark matter June 25, 2013

Solar Twins II Hunting for worlds like Earth June 1, 2013

Close Companions A black hole devours a companion May 19, 2013

Setting a Date Zeroing in on the Big Bang May 12, 2013

Model Cosmos Taking the measure of the solar system May 2, 2013

Alpha Centauri Planet A nearby planetary neighbor April 20, 2013

Tau Boötis Keeping an eye on a star with a planet April 6, 2013

Dark Energy Camera Some impressive astronomical snapshots March 13, 2013

Pulsar Planets Reborn from a violent demise March 11, 2013

Planetary Debris Rocky evidence of planetary systems March 10, 2013

In the Zone Comfortable worlds around feeble stars March 9, 2013

Lots of Planets Strength of discovery in numbers March 8, 2013

Four Suns A world with four suns in the sky March 7, 2013

Ringing Beat The beat of vibrating stars March 5, 2013

Moon and Spica Illumination from a disappearing act February 27, 2013

Small Black Holes II Black holes that fizzle in a hurry February 25, 2013

Small Black Holes Looking for tiny black holes February 24, 2013

Yardsticks Measuring astronomical distances February 22, 2013

Nowhere to Hide Hiding in plain sight January 30, 2013

Bright Black Hole Brightness from the ultimate darkness January 29, 2013

Hot Planet The glow of a small but hot planet January 23, 2013

Moon and Jupiter Tiny planets around a tiny star January 20, 2013

Moon and Companions Nothing to fear in the morning sky December 7, 2012

First Steps Angling in on the stars December 4, 2012

Triangulum Aging stars in the triangle November 2, 2012

Halloween Star II A stellar cannibal for Halloween October 30, 2012

Tiny Black Hole A record-setting black hole October 25, 2012

Star Destroyer A star loses a life-and-death struggle October 24, 2012

Gravitational Kick A black hole gets a big kick October 23, 2012

White-Dwarf Planets II Dead stars consume dead planets October 16, 2012

Celestial Equator Splitting the sky in half October 14, 2012

Moon and Venus Long pauses in long-distance calls October 10, 2012

Dark Portrait Snapping a picture of the unseeable October 8, 2012

Faint Triplets A faint set of stellar triplets October 6, 2012

More Venus and Regulus A well-timed early morning encounter October 1, 2012

Venus and Regulus Venus chugs past the heart of the lion September 30, 2012

The Horse’s Nose The flying horse’s bright nose September 22, 2012

Hot Jupiters Clearing out a star system September 14, 2012

BL Lacertae A star that’s more than a star September 13, 2012

Gamma Cephei IV Getting messy for science September 4, 2012

Gamma Cephei III Keeping a planet on the table September 3, 2012

Gamma Cephei II A gnat’s eyelash and a distant planet September 2, 2012

Gamma Cephei The top of the king’s starry house September 1, 2012

Contact Binaries III A star system with a lot of variety August 16, 2012

Contact Binaries II Stirring up the family dynamics August 15, 2012

Contact Binaries Stars that can’t let go August 14, 2012

Cygnus X-1 A giant star vanishes from view July 31, 2012

Colorful Beak The swan’s colorful beak July 30, 2012

Zippy Planets Getting a big kick from a black hole June 27, 2012

Double Heart Twin black holes in a nearby galaxy May 29, 2012

Hungry Black Hole A black hole that’s snacking on a star May 28, 2012

Black Hole Power Getting power from a black hole April 19, 2012

Double Sunsets Double sunsets on alien worlds April 4, 2012

Snack Time Snack time for a giant black hole March 28, 2012

Black Hole Bullets Bullets of hot gas from a black hole March 27, 2012

The Right Angle Taking a bead on the lion’s tail March 17, 2012

Comfy Planets Looking for comfy homes for life March 3, 2012

Featured Images

Artist's concept of a young Jupiter-like planet

Young Giant August 27, 2015

The system V664 Cassiopeia is creating a planetary nebula

Bread Crumbs July 23, 2015

Artist's concept of a moons orbiting a Jupiter-like exoplanet

Worlds of Worlds June 9, 2015

Ringfest May 20, 2015

Artist's concept of Scholz's Star passing close to the solar system

Former Neighbor May 7, 2015

Hubble Space Telescope image of a young star cluster

Anniversary Portrait April 23, 2015

G2 survives its swing around the black hole at the center of the Milky Way

Narrow Escape March 27, 2015

Artist's concept of MY Camelopardalis, a contact binary star system

Close Twins March 15, 2015

COBE view of the cosmic microwave background

Afterglow November 18, 2014

View of a newly forming planetary system around the young star HL Tauri

Planet Tracks November 6, 2014

Jetting Across the Universe August 12, 2014

Artist's concept of hot gas funneling toward black hole at center of Milky Way

Dark Center July 29, 2014

Simulation of the early universe

Tangled Web May 10, 2014

Diagram showing the layouts of several exoplanet systems

Going Farther April 30, 2014

Artist's concept of a range of recently discovered exoplanets

Planet Hunting April 28, 2014

Artist's concept of black hole binary star system in the galaxy M101

Brilliant Darkness January 16, 2014

Technicians replace equipment for HETDEX at McDonald Observatory

On (and Off) Track November 4, 2013

Artist's concept of extrasolar planet Kepler 78b, an Earth-sized world

Hot Rock October 31, 2013

The Planck space telescope and its view of the cosmic microwave background

Going Dark October 24, 2013

The Cat's Paw Nebula in submillimeter and near-infrared light

Star Maker September 27, 2013

Artist's concept of planet HAT-P7b

Hot Spot August 16, 2013

Hubble image of a galaxy cluster and the deduced location of its dark matter

Dark Universe August 5, 2013

Artist's concept of a blue exoplanet

Blue-Hot Planet July 13, 2013

Starbirth region on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy

Starbirth June 6, 2013

A black hole is created in the Large Hadron Collider, then quickly evaporates

Making a Black Hole February 26, 2013

Artist's concept of the Milky Way galaxy and its dark matter halo

Illuminating the Darkness February 9, 2013

Combined optical and X-ray view of two possible black holes in the galaxy IC 342

On the Job January 8, 2013

Artist's concept of the Gamma Cephei star system

Stellar Geometry September 4, 2012

A flare on the surface of the star HD 189733 blasts away the atmosphere of an or

Zapped! June 29, 2012

The remnants of two merged galaxies

Fast Exit June 18, 2012

Hubble Space Telescope view of galaxy ESO 243-49

Little Giant May 29, 2012

Simulation of a supermassive black hole disrupting a star

Messy Meal May 4, 2012

Artist's concept of the Kepler-35 system, with a giant planet orbiting two stars

Seeing Double April 4, 2012

Artist's concept of stars and a gas cloud near the Milky Way's central black hol

Snack Time March 29, 2012

Artist's concept of TW Hydra, a young star encircled by a disk of gas and dust

Messy Youngster April 25, 2011

New stars and the raw materials for more stars in the stellar nursery NGC 6729

Star Maker March 24, 2011

X-ray and radio image of galaxy M87

Close to the Monster March 10, 2011

Irregular galaxy Henize 2-10, which appears to contain a supermassive black hole

Small But Powerful March 8, 2011

Earth is in the middle of the Sun's habitable zone

In the Zone January 18, 2011

Hobby-Eberly Telescope at McDonald Observatory

Searching the Darkness October 15, 2010

Evaporating planet around the star HD209458

Puffy Planet August 26, 2010

M87 black hole

Busy Black Hole August 11, 2010

Cosmic Bullets July 20, 2010

Stellar Sculptors July 15, 2010

The Milky Way galaxy and the afterglow of the Big Bang make up this all-sky imag

A Little of Everything July 6, 2010