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StarDate: May/June 2021

After more than a year of coronavirus restrictions, you might be ready to head for the beach, the mountains, or some other beautiful destination this summer, or perhaps you just want to stay at home under the air conditioning. Either way, we have some books to help you pass the time more pleasantly in our summer reading issue. These tomes offer more confirmation for Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity, outline the life of a pioneering woman astronomer, recount NASA’s attempt to build nuclear rockets, and more.

Neutron Stars: The Quest to Understand the Zombies of the Cosmos, By Katie Moskvitch

Q&A with Jacqueline Mitton, author of Vera Rubin: A Life

NASA’s Nuclear Frontier: The Plum Brook Reactor Facility, By Mark D. Bowles and Robert S. Arrighi, one of many books available at no charge from NASA and other publishers

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cover of May-June 2021 issue