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2008 Audio CDs

October 2008 StarDate

Sandy Wood brings you 31 cosmic adventures, including the first step on the journey to the Moon, the fastest star in the galaxy, and the invention of a somewhat important instrument: the telescope.


November 2008 StarDate

This CD offers a set of programs on the Phoenix Mars lander, which spent several months digging into the frozen tundra of the Martian northern plains, as well as programs on the hunter, a nearby black hole, and one of the giant telescopes at McDonald Observatory.


December 2008 StarDate

Over the last few centuries, astronomers have braved wars, revolutions, and other violence to get the best possible look at the stars, and this CD offers several of those stories. It also recalls a dramatic trip to the Moon, a dramatic comet, and an UNdramatic Sun. Join Sandy Wood for 30 adventures through time and space in this collector's CD.


September 2008 StarDate

Experience giant volcanoes and crackling lightning on the hellish planet Venus with this month's CD, and learn how people and galaxies face a similar circumstance: bulges in the middle. 30 action-packed programs, narrated by the inimitable Sandy Wood.



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