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2009 Audio CDs

September 2009 StarDate

The most powerful solar storm ever witnessed took place 150 years ago. If a similar storm happened today, it could paralyze communications, transportation, and other aspects of daily life for days or longer. This CD tells the tale of the 1859 solar superstorm and explains the impact of similar storms on modern life. And we feature the constellation Aquila, the eagle.


October 2009 StarDate

McDonald Observatory's first on-site astronomer recalls the primitive living conditions but exciting science at the dawn of Texas astronomy. And we also delve into more modern astronomy, with searches for dark matter.


November 2009 StarDate

Sandy Wood recalls the drama of the second manned Moon landing, the trauma of two exploding stars, and the wonder of the first major effort to map the afterglow of the Big Bang.


December 2009 StarDate

The birth of a Moon, a red-hot planet, and a close call for a falling meteorite highlight this collection of 31 programs, all narrated by Sandy Wood.


2008 Audio CDs

January 2008 StarDate

An in-depth picture of Orion, looking into the depths of the Moon through a young crater, and deep into the history books for the first American spacecraft.


February 2008 StarDate

Highlights include a week of programs about black holes, a bright skyglow that held viewers in awe and fear, a creepy mountain range on the Moon, and the rarest of all dates: February 29.


March 2008 StarDate

Highlights among this month's 31 programs are a stellar danger zone, a double explosion, rogue black holes, and the origin of gold.


StarDate April 2008

April 2008 StarDate

This month's 30 programs include a look at some second-chance planets, rainy days on one of the moons of Saturn, "dark stars," and our nearest stellar neighbors: the Alpha Centauri system


May 2008 StarDate

Join Sandy Wood for 31 cosmic adventures, including one of the most impressive galaxy clusters in the universe, a Mars arrival, and a "Century of Progress."


June 2008 StarDate

A black hole snacks on a passing star, Sally takes a ride in space, planets get recycled, and the Sun reverses the polarity in this collection of 30 daily StarDate radio programs.


July 2008 StarDate

This month's programs feature a cosmic catastrophe and efforts to prevent future ones, a spacecraft that's leaving the solar system behind, and star clusters that manufacture lots of exploding stars.


August 2008 StarDate

This month's programs include an in-depth look at the mysterious force known as dark energy, including interviews with two of the astronomers who discovered it. Other highlights include an outburst from a black hole, the remains of an exploded star, and madness in the Milky Way.



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