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In the Sky This Month

The faint but famous constellation Hercules climbs into the sky on May evenings, and stands high in the east as night falls by the end of the month. It is marked by a four-sided figure known as the Keystone. The huge star cluster M13 perches between the Keystone's top two stars. Libra, the balance scales, climbs into view in the south, heralding the pending return of the summer constellation Scorpius.

May 25: Last-Quarter Moon

The Moon will be at last quarter tomorrow, indicating that it is three-quarters of the way through its monthly cycle of phases. Sunlight will illuminate half of the lunar hemisphere that faces Earth.

May 26: Guitar Nebula

Cepheus, the king, is low in the north at nightfall. The constellation’s brightest stars form a shape that resembles a child’s drawing of a house.

May 27: Ceres at Opposition

Ceres, the largest member of the asteroid belt, puts in its best appearance of the year this week. It lines up opposite the Sun so it’s in the sky all night. It’s brightest for the year, too, although you need binoculars to find it.

May 28: Beta Scorpii

Beta Scorpii, a system of at least six stars, is at the left side of a row of stars that represents the head of Scorpius. It’s low in the southeast at nightfall, above Antares, the scorpion’s bright orange heart.

May 29: Rising Swan

Cygnus, the swan, rises in the northeast this evening. Its body appears parallel to the horizon. To find the swan, look for its brightest star, Deneb, low in the northeastern around 10 or 11 p.m.

May 30: M101

The beautiful galaxy M101 stands near the handle of the Big Dipper. A telescope reveals the face-on spiral, which is similar to our home galaxy, the Milky Way.

May 31: Libra

Libra stands to the upper right of Scorpius at nightfall, low in the southeast. Its outline shows a triangle of stars with two lines of stars dangling below. Libra is a set of balance scales held by the Greek goddess of justice, represented by nearby Virgo.

Current moon phase

New MoonNew June 3, 5:02 am

First QuarterFirst June 10, 12:59 am

Full MoonFull June 17, 3:31 am

Last quarterLast June 25, 4:46 am

Times are U.S. Central Time.

Perigee June 7

Apogee June 23

The full Moon of June is known as the Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon or Honey Moon.