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In the Sky This Month

June’s evening sky offers a bright outline of the path that the Sun will follow in a few months. The stars Regulus and Spica lie quite close to that path, known as the ecliptic. And three bright planets also line up along the ecliptic. From west to east, they are brilliant Jupiter (between Regulus and Spica), orange Mars (in the south), and golden Saturn (to the left of Mars). The Sun will pass close to Regulus in August, Spica in October, and the current positions of Mars and Saturn in December.

June 29: Evening Zodiac

Half of the constellations of the zodiac line up across the south as night falls this evening. They stretch from Cancer, which is quite low in the west, to Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius, and finally Sagittarius low in the southeast.

June 30: Eagle Nebula

One of the most beautiful and inspiring regions in the galaxy, the Eagle Nebula, climbs across the south on summer nights. Binoculars reveal some of its stars, and a telescope shows its hazy outline.

Current moon phase

New MoonNew June 4, 10:00 pm

First QuarterFirst June 12, 3:10 am

Full MoonFull June 20, 6:02 am

Last quarterLast June 27, 1:19 pm

Times are U.S. Central Time.

Perigee June 3

Apogee June 15

The full Moon of June is known as the Flower Moon, Strawber- ry Moon, Rose Moon, or Honey Moon.