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In the Sky This Month

The planets seem especially busy this month, highlighting both morning and evening skies. Venus reigns as the Evening Star, and points out some interesting sights in Gemini and Cancer during the month. Saturn puts in its best showing of the year, with Jupiter just past its best. And Mars climbs inexorably across the sky, toward its best appearance next month.

June 25: Moon and Antares

Antares, one of the brightest stars in the night sky, is not far to the lower right of the almost-full Moon at nightfall. Antares is near the middle of the curved body of Scorpius, which is in the south-southeast.

June 26: Delphinus

Delphinus, the dolphin, glides through the Milky Way on summer evenings. Tonight it rises not long after sunset and arcs high overhead. Look for it below the Summer Triangle, which is well up in the east a couple of hours after darkness falls.

June 27: More Saturn at Opposition

Saturn lines up opposite the Sun today, so it rises at sunset and is in view all night. A planet is closest to Earth at opposition, so it shines brightest for the year. Tonight, Saturn will stick close to the Moon.

June 28: Colorful Arcturus

Arcturus, the leading light of Bootes, the herdsman, stands high in the south as twilight turns to darkness. It is the brightest true star in the sky during the evening hours, so it’s hard to miss. It shines yellow-orange.

June 29: Moon and Mars

The planet Mars is growing brighter by the day. It’s in good view in the southeast by midnight, and looks like a bright orange star. Tonight, it stands to the lower left of the Moon.

June 30: More Moon and Mars

The gibbous Moon has a famous companion tonight: the planet Mars. It is to the lower right of the Moon as they climb into good view, around midnight, and almost directly below the Moon at first light tomorrow. Mars looks like a bright orange star.

July 1: Summer Triangle

The Summer Triangle is well up in the eastern sky at nightfall, and passes directly overhead after midnight. Vega, its brightest point, is at the top of the triangle in early evening. Deneb is the left point, with Altair to the lower right.

Current moon phase

Last quarterLast June 6, 1:32 pm

New MoonNew June 13, 2:43 pm

First QuarterFirst June 20, 5:51 am

Full MoonFull June 27, 11:53 pm

Times are U.S. Central Time.

Apogee June 2, 29

Perigee June 15

The full Moon of June is know as the Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon or Honey Moon.