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StarDate magazine keeps you in touch with everything that's happening in the night sky and in the universe with detailed skywatching information, in-depth features, the latest astronomy news, and more. And it's published by the University of Texas McDonald Observatory, a world leader in astronomical research and education.

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Current Issue: July/August 2018

Our July/August issue explores the idea that life on worlds like Earth may be seeded by asteroid and comet impacts. And we discuss cosmic superlatives — the biggest, the fastest, the oldest, and more.



In Every Issue

  • Skywatching highlights and star charts to help you keep tabs on the sky
  • Merlin answers your most compelling questions about the universe
  • The latest astronomy news
  • A grab-bag of items about everything from travel to books to the latest astronomy web sites and apps

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In the Next Issue

In our September/October issue, we’ll bring you up to date on the mysterious class of black holes that are heavier than exploded stars but lighter than those in galactic hearts. We’ll also introduce you to a group of amateur astronomers that hunts for lost satellites, sometimes helping space agencies re-establish contact with them.

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