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Moon and the Lion

The Moon slides between two bright stars of Leo tonight. They climb into good view in mid-evening, with Regulus, the lion’s brightest star, to the lower right of the Moon. Algieba, the third-brightest, is about the same distance to the lower left.

Double Cluster

Two star clusters stand side by side high in the sky this evening. The clusters are at a corner of Perseus, the hero. Together, they are known as the Double Cluster. Binoculars or a telescope reveal dozens of individual stars.


Procyon is low in the east by about 8 p.m. and climbs high across the south later on. The star is the leading light of Canis Minor, the little dog, so it is nicknamed the Little Dog Star. It’s about 11 light-years away.

Moon and Gemini

Gemini is in prime viewing time during these early weeks of winter. The constellation is low in the east-northeast at nightfall, and remains in view all night. Tonight, the Moon is passing through the constellation’s middle.

Full Moon

The Moon is full today as it aligns opposite the Sun as seen in Earth’s sky. December’s full Moon is known as the Moon Before Yule or Long-Night Moon, indicating that it’s in view longer than any other full Moon of the year.