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Modern science brings a sense of order to the cosmos by explaining how stars shine, why the planets move across the sky, and how and when our own Earth was born.

The priests and pharaohs of ancient Egypt established their own cosmic order by explaining the constants in Egyptian life: night and day, birth and death, and the life-giving Nile. Their knowledge gave them great power and responsibilities, and maintained order in a civilization that flourished for 30 centuries.

StarDate: Ancient Horizons, a planetarium program produced by StarDate and the Science Museum of Virginia, presents the Egyptian view of order and the cosmos, with information on mythology and constellations, the creation of the calendar, and a struggle involving the concept of the Sun.

StarDate: Ancient Horizons will be distributed to planetariums, in both English and Spanish, in 2000 and 2001. The program was underwritten by a grant from Virginia Power.

This website provides the program text, additional details on Egyptian astronomy, information and activities for teachers, and information on how you can order your own copy of the audio portions of the program on CD, featuring the voices of StarDate announcer Sandy Wood and Universo announcer Teresa de la Cruz.

StarDate: Ancient Horizons was underwritten by a grant from Virginia Power.

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