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World War II

Radio Programs

Stellar Sailors Sailing by the stars October 31, 2017

Daylight Saving Time Springing into a new time March 11, 2017

Loud Sun Listening in on the Sun February 27, 2017

War Surplus Reflections on war-time astronomy December 9, 2016

War Work Soldiering through a war December 8, 2016

Off to War Astronomers head to war December 7, 2016

Plutonium A new element for a new world — after this. February 24, 2016

World War II, Part III Science and service in World War II September 3, 2014

World War II, Part II European astronomy during the war September 2, 2014

World War II Heading toward World War II September 1, 2014

Paper Black Holes Laying the groundwork for black holes August 31, 2014

Featured Images

Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

Off to War December 7, 2016