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Weather and Atmospheric Phenomena

The layers of gas that are gravitationally bound above the surface of a planet, moon, or outer layers of a star.



Earth February 10, 2016

Radio Programs

Moon and Mars A long summertime cloud on Mars September 4, 2020

Moon and Saturn Lightning bolts in alien skies August 29, 2020

Moon and Mars Breezing through a Martian day August 8, 2020

Mars at Perihelion Mars gets close to the Sun August 3, 2020

Jupiter at Opposition II A big new storm joins the club July 13, 2020

More Moon and Mars Dusting up the surface of Mars June 12, 2020

Moon and Mars Layers and layers of ice June 11, 2020

Moon and Saturn Powering up some “mid”-sized storms May 12, 2020

Moon and Venus Windy skies for the “evening star” February 27, 2020

MAVEN Watching Mars’s atmosphere get away September 21, 2019

Neptune at Opposition Dark spots for a giant planet September 6, 2019

Moon and Jupiter Jupiter’s “weepy” red eye August 9, 2019

Saturn III Heating up a giant planet July 9, 2019

Saturn at Opposition Giant storms for a giant planet July 7, 2019

Lightning Lightning’s “cosmic” connection June 29, 2019

Moon and Mars How’s the weather up there? June 5, 2019

Moon and Saturn Cold rains on a chilly world November 10, 2018

Moon and Venus Changing the day on Venus November 4, 2018

Moon and Mars A dark season on Mars October 17, 2018

Moon and Jupiter Hefty storms for a hefty planet May 27, 2018

Moon and Venus Beautiful but deadly clouds April 17, 2018

Moon and Mars Dusty skies for the Red Planet April 7, 2018

More Neptune Taking a spin on a giant planet September 4, 2017

Neptune at Opposition Turning a giant planet blue September 3, 2017

Hot Weather Hot weather on failed stars July 20, 2017

Twilight Dark, darker, and darkest skies June 18, 2017

Saturn at Opposition III Sculpting sand dunes on a cold world June 14, 2017

Saturn at Opposition II Lighting up the skies on another planet June 13, 2017

Moon and Jupiter White ovals and red spots June 3, 2017

Moon and Mars Weather conditions on another planet December 4, 2016

More Neptune at Opposition Spotting a blemish on a giant planet September 2, 2016

Neptune at Opposition A blue marble far from the Sun September 1, 2016

Alien Weather Extreme weather on an alien world April 7, 2016

Jupiter at Opposition II Giant storms for a giant planet March 8, 2016

Featured Images

Cloud streaming from Arsia Mons, a volcano on Mars

Long Cloud September 4, 2020

dust storm on Mars

Dusty Skies August 3, 2020

The moons Titan and Dione in front of Saturn

Hazy Moon June 8, 2020

Artist's concept of a super-heated planet

Scalding Planet August 2, 2019

Saturn, its rings, and a hexagonal storm at its north pole, 2013

Stormy Skies July 7, 2019

Lighting seen from the International Space Station

Colorful Lightning June 29, 2019

Clouds pass over InSight on Mars

Cloudy Day May 11, 2019

Bright cloud streak on Mars

Martian Streaker October 28, 2018

Thickening dust storm above the Opportunity rover on Mars

Getting Dark June 13, 2018

Cassini view of Titan lakes, clouds

Cold Moon May 30, 2018

Cyclones at the north pole of Jupite

Cyclone Haven May 27, 2018

Daytime and nighttime views of Venus

Venusian Skies April 17, 2018

Martian dust storm

Dusty Skies April 7, 2018

Noctilucent clouds over the north pole

Glowing Skies July 29, 2017

Hot Weather July 20, 2017

Twilight over McDonald Observatory

A Civil Sky June 18, 2017

Voyager 1 view of white oval storms on Jupiter

Jovian Pearls June 3, 2017

Sunset over the Davis Mountains

Earliest Sunsets December 1, 2016

Jupiter above Europa

Water World July 8, 2016

Saturn's giant hexagon

Planetary Geometry May 30, 2016

Jupiter's Great Red Spot and surrounding cloud bands

Deep Surface May 15, 2016

Cassini view of a giant storm in Saturn's northern hemisphere

Stormy Skies June 28, 2015

Sunset at Gale Crater, Mars, April 2015

Blue Skies May 14, 2015

Cassini view of Jupiter from 6 million miles

Turbulent Giant February 6, 2015

Earliest sunsets in December

Early Sunsets December 15, 2014

Sunlight glints off a hydrocarbon lake on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn

World of Lakes November 11, 2014

Cassini view of a crescent Titan, largest moon of Saturn

Hazy Skies November 9, 2014

Through the Glow September 16, 2014

Fading Away June 29, 2014

Artist's concept of early morning fog, clouds, and frost on Mars

Morning Fog April 8, 2014

Venus Express movie showing south polar vortex

Double Vortex March 27, 2014

Artist's concept of weather on a brown dwarf

Hot Rain January 8, 2014

A Cassini view of the hexagonal cloud pattern surround Saturn's south pole

Planetary Cyclops December 1, 2013

Lightning behind space shuttle Discovery

Just Whistle September 19, 2013

Clouds above the south pole of Titan

Titanic Vortex June 19, 2013

Ligeia Mare, one of the largest lakes on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn

Storms Ahead? May 22, 2013

Cassini view of Saturn's north pole

Eye of the Storm May 2, 2013

Cassini view of a crescent Titan

Enigmatic Moon November 19, 2012

South polar vortex on Saturn, seen by Cassini

Saturnian Vortex November 11, 2012

Voyager 1 view of Jupiter's cloudsk

Artistic Clouds November 1, 2012

A flare on the surface of the star HD 189733 blasts away the atmosphere of an or

Zapped! June 29, 2012

Artist's concept of a dark storm on the brown dwarf 2MASS 2139

Stormy Skies January 11, 2012

Composite view of a giant storm on Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft

Stormy Skies August 31, 2011

Lightning strikes near space shuttle Endeavour, April 28, 2011

Close Call May 2, 2011

Storm clouds swirl through Saturn's atmosphere in an image from Cassini

Artistic Storm March 28, 2011

A thick dust storm blows across Mars in this image from Mars orbit.

Dusty Skies July 12, 2010

Saturn's Hexagon January 5, 2010