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Water and Water Ice

Radio Programs

Steamy Planets Planets hidden by steamy atmospheres November 23, 2020

More Neptune at Opposition “Hot ice” inside a giant planet September 11, 2020

Moon and Jupiter Cold volcanoes on cold worlds August 28, 2020

Moon and Venus Turning up a planet’s thermostat August 14, 2020

Moon and Mars Layers and layers of ice June 11, 2020

Moon and Jupiter A system of watery worlds June 7, 2020

Moon and Venus Zapping ice on the lunar surface January 27, 2020

Moon and Jupiter A moon with a lot going for it January 21, 2020

Moon and Venus Cooling off a hot planet December 28, 2019

Moon, Mars, Mercury M&M&Ms in the dawn sky November 23, 2019

Cometary Water Splashing cool water on a hot debate November 6, 2019

Moon and Mars The Red Planet gets wet October 25, 2019

Twin Mariners Missing out on the good stuff August 4, 2019

LRO Sharp eyes on the Moon June 23, 2019

Moon and Jupiter Fishing for an alien ocean April 22, 2019

Moon and Spica The Moon’s thin atmosphere March 21, 2019

Moon and Mars Bright “beanie caps” for Mars November 15, 2018

More Moon and Saturn Cool water on the Moon November 11, 2018

Friendlier Mars A friendlier planet Mars October 28, 2018

Uranus at Opposition II The young face of a distant moon October 23, 2018

Moon and Jupiter A cool spray from a cold moon August 16, 2018

Moon and Jupiter Digging into a giant moon July 20, 2018

Mercury in the Evening Looking for a reticent planet July 5, 2018

More Moon and Mars Digging deep into the Martian surface June 3, 2018

Moon and Venus The mysteries of the “evening star” May 17, 2018

Invaders Making it simple for alien invaders May 16, 2018

Moon and Mars “Hot spots” on the surface of Mars May 5, 2018

Moon and Jupiter Slippery ice for a moon of Jupiter February 6, 2018

Geosynchronous Orbit Hovering above the equator January 15, 2018

Moon and Companions Gassing up a lunar atmosphere December 13, 2017

Moon and Mars More water on two nearby worlds December 12, 2017

Hospitable Ceres? A surprisingly hospitable asteroid September 29, 2017

Moon and Venus An early solar-system paradise September 16, 2017

Moon and Saturn Cracking the ice on a frozen moon August 2, 2017

Ceres Watery features on a giant asteroid May 2, 2017

Looking for Life Looking for life in a cold ocean March 28, 2017

Hydrothermal Vents A starting point in the search for life February 17, 2017

More Moon and Planets Digging up Martian ice January 31, 2017

Icy Pluto Pluto’s icy “heart” December 26, 2016

More Moon and Jupiter Changing tides on distant moons November 24, 2016

Moon and Mars Drying out some Martian gullies November 5, 2016

More Moon and Planets Sponging up some lunar water November 2, 2016

Moon and Mars Making ice on a warming planet October 7, 2016

Exoplanets III Hunting for life in all the right places September 14, 2016

Moon and Companions A little moon with big appeal August 12, 2016

Martian Tsunami Churning up the Martian ocean August 3, 2016

Moon and Mars Boiling up an avalanche July 13, 2016

Moon and Jupiter Giant oceans around a giant planet July 8, 2016

Salty Ceres The “salty” surface of an asteroid April 11, 2016

Moon and Mars Some of the last Martian lakes March 27, 2016

Featured Images

artist's concept of water erupting from europa

Salty Eruption November 14, 2020

Possible ice plumes from Europa

Cold Volcanoes? August 28, 2020

View of the north and south poles of Mars

Capping the Red Planet June 11, 2020

Enceladus passes in front of Saturn's rings

Ocean World February 19, 2020

Ganymede and Jupiter

Complicated Moon January 21, 2020

Composite image showing sites of possible ice deposits on Mercury

Icy Darkness November 24, 2019

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Shackleton crater at lunar south pole

Reconnoitering the Moon June 23, 2019

Galileo view of Europa

Alien Ocean April 22, 2019

Icy Goodness November 11, 2018

Voyager 2 views of the surface of the Jovian moon Ganymede

Moonscapes July 20, 2018

artist's concept of ancient venus

Living in the Clouds? July 15, 2018

ice layers in the south polar cap of Mars

Icy Layers June 7, 2018

Cassini view of Titan lakes, clouds

Cold Moon May 30, 2018

Fountains from Enceladus

Cold fountains January 17, 2018

Layers of buried ice exposed on a Martian slope

Icy Mars January 14, 2018

Noctilucent clouds over the north pole

Glowing Skies July 29, 2017

Opportunity rover view of its surroundings on Mars, June 2017

On the Downslope July 24, 2017

The layered structure of Ceres

Icy Layers May 2, 2017

Composite view showing plumes of water eruption from Jupiter's moon Europa

Wet Moon September 26, 2016

View of ice field on Pluto from New Horizons

Plutonian Lava Lamp July 18, 2016

Jupiter above Europa

Water World July 8, 2016

The Arda Valles region of Mars

Red Tides February 19, 2016

Plumes of ice and water shoot into space from Enceladus, a moon of Saturn

Getting Wet October 27, 2015

Backlit view of Pluto landscape from New Horizons

Hazy Skies September 22, 2015

A mosaic of spacecraft images shows the varied surface of Ganymede

Hiding an Ocean June 20, 2015

Curiosity rover view of rock layers inside Gale Crater on Mars

Ancient Lakebed December 9, 2014

Hubble Space Telescope view of Jupiter, Ganymede

Layer-Cake Moon August 15, 2014

Artist's concept of water vapor around Ceres; HST image of Ceres

Watery Dwarf May 2, 2014

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter view on lunar north polar regions

Top o' the Moon March 19, 2014

Cassini view of the cracked crust of Saturn's moon Dione

Cracked Up August 12, 2013

Kasei Valles, an ancient flood channel on Mars

Ancient Flood June 10, 2013

Curiosity rover view of Mount Sharp, March 2013

Sharp Destination March 19, 2013

Cassini images of Dione, Rhea

Saturnian Two-Fer December 27, 2012

Recent image from Mars rovers Curiosity and Opportunity

Mars Targets September 29, 2012

Water geysers from the south pole of Enceladus, a moon of Saturn

Leaking Moon March 26, 2012

Cassini view of Saturn's moon Enceladus in front of the planet's rings

Saturnian Encounter October 25, 2011

Craters fill an ancient river channel on Mars

Martian Rapids October 10, 2011

Artist's concept of global ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa

Water World September 16, 2011

A thick torus of dust encircles a quasar

Water Works September 13, 2011

Composite view of a giant storm on Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft

Stormy Skies August 31, 2011

Possible rivulets of water flowing on Mars

Drippy Planet August 8, 2011

Image of water distribution in northern hemisphere of Mars

Watery Mars April 14, 2011

Earth is in the middle of the Sun's habitable zone

In the Zone January 18, 2011

Enceladus passes in front of Saturn's rings

Saturnian Iceball December 8, 2010

Infrared image of CW Leonis, a giant star that is surrounded by soot

Steamy Star November 9, 2010

Two Moons Rising August 16, 2010

Cassini snapped views of Saturn's moons Enceladus and Tethys.

Two Moons Rising August 16, 2010

'Leaking' Moon March 1, 2010