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Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Craters and Extinctions February 19, 2016


Earth February 10, 2016

Radio Programs

Moon and Venus Returning to an old friend November 7, 2023

Moon and Mars Learning from Martian rumbles July 20, 2023

Volcanic Venus Evidence of an “active” planet July 7, 2023

Active Mars Shakin’ and rattlin’ on Mars March 8, 2023

Pillan Patera Stirring up a giant volcano June 28, 2022

Venus and Mars Volcanoes on our closest neighbors February 18, 2022

Reading Atmospheres The complicated hunt for life October 4, 2021

Moon and Aldebaran A bright highlight on the dark Moon September 25, 2021

Saturn at Opposition II A warm blanket for a frigid moon August 4, 2021

Moon and Jupiter Busy volcanoes and lofty mountains May 31, 2021

Evening Mercury Questions for a future explorer May 9, 2021

Moon and Venus A planet that stays active November 11, 2020

Moon and Mars A long summertime cloud on Mars September 4, 2020

Moon and Jupiter Cold volcanoes on cold worlds August 28, 2020

Moon and Mars A hotspot on the Red Planet July 10, 2020

Mount St. Helens A mountain blows its top May 18, 2020

Moon and Venus Rethinking the surface of Venus October 29, 2019

Moon and Jupiter High tides on a hot moon October 3, 2019

Moon and Planets Heating up a Jovian moon January 29, 2019

Moon and Venus Shaking up the lunar surface September 11, 2018

More Moon and Mars Keeping the planet Mars active August 23, 2018

Tharsis Ridge Scaling the Martian heights May 23, 2018

Moon and Spica Slithering across the Moon February 4, 2018

Moon and Jupiter A lake that isn’t made for swimming September 21, 2017

Moon and Companions Heating up a Jovian moon March 13, 2017

Featured Images

Infrared image shows volcanoes on Io, a moon of Jupiter

Hot Spots December 15, 2022

volcanoes at Tharsis Ridge, Mars

Volcanic Mars February 18, 2022

Pavonis Mons on Mars

Arrival Point? April 16, 2021

The first image of Mars from the Hope orbiter, February 10

First Glimpse February 16, 2021

Cloud streaming from Arsia Mons, a volcano on Mars

Long Cloud September 4, 2020

Possible ice plumes from Europa

Cold Volcanoes? August 28, 2020

Before, during, and after photos of the May 18, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens, Washington

A Big Boom May 18, 2020

Io photographed in front of Jupiter

Hot Moon October 3, 2019

Elevation view of Tharsis region on Mars

High and Low on Mars May 23, 2018

Loki Patera, the largest volcanic feature on Io

Hot Lake September 21, 2017

Volcanoes on Tharsis Ridge, Mars

Shifting Skin May 18, 2016

View of Loki Patera, a lake of molten rock on Io, a moon of Jupiter

Hot Lake March 29, 2015