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Venusian Surface

The second planet from the Sun in the solar system. Venus orbits the Sun at an average distance 0.7 AU. The planet has a mass of 0.08 times the mass of Earth and a radius 0.95 times the radius of Earth. It is made of solid, rocky material and has a predominantly carbon dioxide atmosphere. Clouds of sulfuric acid cover the entire planet. Venus has no moons.



Venus February 10, 2016

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Featured Images

Magellan view of the giant Sapas Mons volcano on Venus

Venusian Vulcanism October 7, 2013

Japanese spacecraft Akatsuki at Venus

Venusian Dawn December 6, 2010

A false-color image of Idunn Mons indicates that the Venusian volcano is still a

Still Going? July 9, 2010

The sky glows orange in this artist's concept of the atmosphere of Venus.

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