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Venus Express

The first Venus exploration mission of the European Space Agency. Launched in 2005, Venus Express has been continuously sending back science data from its polar orbit around Venus. Equipped with seven science instruments, the main objective of the mission is the long term observation of the Venusian atmosphere.



Venus February 10, 2016

Radio Programs

Moon and Venus Revving up Venus’s clouds December 2, 2016

Moon and Venus Seeing the surface through the clouds October 2, 2016

Moon and Venus A spacecraft gets a second chance December 6, 2015

Moon and Venus Beauty and fire in the dawn sky September 7, 2015

Moon and Venus Losing our eyes and ears on Venus June 18, 2015

Moon and Venus The “evening star” slows down May 20, 2015

Close to the End A Venus-watching spacecraft nears its end October 12, 2014

More Moon and Venus Probing an unpredictable polar vortex March 26, 2014

Venus and Antares Snow clouds on a hot world? December 21, 2012

Moon and Venus Resetting the clocks on Venus April 23, 2012

Planetary Flashes Lighting up the clouds of Venus February 6, 2012

Featured Images

Venus Express movie showing south polar vortex

Double Vortex March 27, 2014

Ultraviolet view of Venusian clouds from Venus Express orbiter

Cloudy Skies November 26, 2011

A false-color image of Idunn Mons indicates that the Venusian volcano is still a

Still Going? July 9, 2010