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Radio Programs

Van Allen Belts Earth’s dynamic radiation belts May 4, 2016

Meteorites II Measuring the age of the solar system April 17, 2015

Moon and Jupiter Traveling to a deadly planet October 14, 2014

More Moon and Jupiter Wrapping a spacecraft in plastic October 24, 2013

Storm Probes Plunging into the danger zone December 19, 2012

Van Biesbroeck's Star Hunting up a faint cosmic bulb July 15, 2011

Moon and Jupiter Shielding an entire planet May 27, 2011

Underground Astronomy II Blocking out interference March 1, 2011

Featured Images

Jupiter's radiation belts

Jovian Shields October 15, 2014

Van Allen Probes and Earth's Van Allen radiation belts

Dangerous Exposure December 20, 2012

Shields like those of the USS Enterprise may protect real space travel

Shields Up! December 17, 2010