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Telescopes and Modern Observatories

A telescope is an optical instrument that gathers and focuses light into a camera, CCD, spectrograph, or an astronomer’s eye. Two major types of telescopes dominate astronomy: reflectors and refractors. Many of the world’s largest telescopes are housed at observatories: The entire complex of buildings, telescopes, equipment, and staff involving scientific astronomical observations. Small observatories might consist of just one telescope situated in a dome, one instrument and computer, and one observer. McDonald Observatory is an example of a major observatory, and consists of five major telescope in five different domes, numerous instruments, computers, living quarters, outbuildings, astronomers, and engineers.


Radio Programs

PANOPTES A grassroots hunt for exoplanets October 2, 2018

Evryscope Many eyes on the southern sky October 1, 2018

High Climber Climbing toward the Sun September 10, 2018

Distant Planets Planets at the spout of the teapot August 29, 2018

Watchman Nuclear reactors and exploding stars August 21, 2018

South-Pole Astronomy Science at the bottom of the world August 9, 2018

New Telescope A new eye on the radio sky August 8, 2018

Hunting Aliens Still no signs of ET July 13, 2018

Selective Viewing Selecting the right targets July 12, 2018

George Ellery Hale One man, four giant telescopes June 28, 2018

May Day Dancing around the maypole May 1, 2018

New Tools Digging through piles of data April 25, 2018

Taking Control From cages to computers April 24, 2018

Streamers New arrivals in the Milky Way April 3, 2018

Small But Big Small telescopes, big science March 29, 2018

Neutrinos Zipping through the universe November 8, 2017

First Look A first glimpse at a new universe November 2, 2017

Last Discovery Picking out a new moon September 9, 2017

Giant Magellan Telescope II Getting to know distant planets August 10, 2017

Giant Magellan Telescope Building a telescopic behemoth August 9, 2017

HET Upgrade Upgrading a giant telescope August 8, 2017

Spying on Supernovae Keeping many eyes on exploding stars May 22, 2017

Event Horizon Telescope Looking for a giant black hole April 4, 2017

Exoplanets Big discoveries from little telescopes September 12, 2016

Big Dish Dishing up a giant new telescope September 11, 2016

Zenith Looking