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Gamma-Ray Bursts


Radio Programs

Gamma-Ray Bursts IV Danger from exploding stars April 21, 2016

Gamma-Ray Bursts III The brilliant birth of a black hole April 20, 2016

Gamma-Ray Bursts II A final gasp from dead stars April 19, 2016

Gamma-Ray Bursts The long and short of gamma-ray bursts April 18, 2016

Brightest The brightest outbursts in the universe November 5, 2014

Eta Carinae III The spectacular death of a giant star June 17, 2014

Golden Mergers Mining gold from a black hole December 22, 2013

Giant Blast Blasting apart a giant star July 2, 2013

Zapped! Part II An outburst from a pair of dead stars March 26, 2013

Zapped! Earth gets zapped by cosmic radiation March 25, 2013

Compton Observatory One of the great ones April 4, 2011

Featured Images

Gold may have been created in the mergers of neutron stars

Golden Mergers December 23, 2013

X-ray view of a gamma-ray burst

Zapping Earth March 26, 2013