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Big Dipper


Radio Programs

Ticking off the hours of the night
The shiny nose of the great bear
A brief disappearance for the Big Dipper
A stellar outcast in the Big Dipper
Looking down from the Big Dipper
A bright orphan in the Big Dipper
Starry vessels in the midnight sky
Anchoring the Big Dipper
Holding together the Big Dipper
Whirling around the North Star
Keeping an eye on the big bear
The great bear’s shiny nose
Stirring up the starry night sky
A stellar family spreads out
Looking forward to the Big Handivac
Skies as different from ours as night and day
The "leading" star of the Big Dipper...
Ticking off the hours of the night
Galloping across the northern sky
Plowing a furrow among the stars
Getting a handle on the Big Dipper
Dipping into the mythology of the sky
A record-setting stellar neighbor