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Radio Programs

T Pyxidis A star that keeps on exploding April 14, 2016

Luminous Red Novae One star born from two September 2, 2015

Future Outbursts Setting up future outbursts July 23, 2015

Different Explosions Exploding stars with a difference July 18, 2014

‘New’ Stars Keeping an eye on bright “new” stars July 17, 2014

Zombie Stars The night of the living dead stars July 16, 2014

Super Origins A refugee from the planet Krypton December 13, 2013

‘Medium’ Nova A mid-size stellar explosion July 1, 2013

Multiple Blasts Multiple explosions from a single star November 1, 2012

Featured Images

Red Beacon September 3, 2015

Superman's back story may have been inspired by an exploding star

Exploding Stars December 14, 2013