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Grades 9-12 (Ages 14-17)



Radio Programs

Stirring up a stellar bubble
Tiny particles that change flavors
Getting cold to catch dark matter
Digging deep for dark matter
Making carbon and oxygen in a star
Bright evidence of dark matter
Breathing the “ash” of dead stars
The power source of the stars
Firing the world’s biggest X-ray machine
Looking for particles that don’t wimp out
Looking for the unseeable
Adding up the universe
A theory of everything
A theory of almost everything
The possible signature of dark matter
New eyes on our neighborhood star
Taking a close look at the Sun
Probing the past with particles from space
Zapped by a supernova
Some impressive astronomical snapshots
A black hole gets a big kick
Listening for cosmic “ripples”
Keeping track of the entire world
Albert Einstein “warps” the universe
A galaxy with a loud voice
Making a bottleful of starstuff
The ticking of cosmic clocks
The smallest white-dwarf stars
Enlivening the galactic suburbs
Outshined by a flashy sibling
Giving birth to a “dead” star
An unprecedented sphere of darkness
Dead planets around dead stars?
Stretching the light of a dead star
Squeezing the heart of a dead star
One dog leads another into the sky
The “wavy” birth of a black hole
Silencing the rumbling Earth
Lighting up ripples in spacetime
Tiny ripples from heavy objects
Rippling across the universe
A giant storm on a failed star
The steady beat of dead stars
Discovering a mysterious cosmic energy
Big rewards for a “dark” discovery
Looking for clear interstellar skies
Nearing the edge of the solar system
A pair of “Saturns” in the night sky
Just passing the time
The flashy heart of the Milky Way
Confirming the dark heart of the Milky Way
Getting too close to a black hole
Forging the chemistry of life
A bright stellar merger
A dark star system that puts on a show
Putting Galileo to the test
Checking out a beautiful landscape
Grinding up rocks to hunt for life
Polishing some Martian rocks
Looking for Mars-on-Earth
Following the eye of the bull
A fanciful design for a starship
Heating up a volcanic moon
Water in some orange dirt
Lighting up the Antarctic ice
Hunting for hard-to-find particles
From neutrinos to sperm whales
A hot planet in the evening sky
A future stellar nursery
Hunting up a faint cosmic bulb
An asteroid with a difference
A gentle ride to an asteroid
Giving birth to a big family of stars
Lining up a colorful duo
A new name for invisible stars
A tiny measurement of a big distance
Filling a gap in Saturn's rings...
Saturn's constantly changing rings...
Filtering out the starlight
Looking into the heart of a planet
Getting to know a hard-to-see planet
A "fearful" cometary spectacle...
The brilliant death of a distant star
An astronomical "Mason-Dixon Line"...
Giving the universe a big push
Subatomic particles and dead dinosaurs
New neighbors in the outer solar system
A ring of fire around a planet
Ducking cannonfire in the name of science
Dodging cannonfire in the name of science
Spreading out to watch a little black dot
An unexpectedly big planet
Looking for close planets around close stars
Shining some light on feeble stars
The lion's double forehead...
The twins and triplets of Gemini
Forging the element of life
A beautiful celestial double
Keeping a clear view of the heavens
The strong heart of a king
Overpowering a bright star
Looking for antimatter
Searching for dark matter in a dark location
Blocking out interference
Jiggling the surface of a star
"Fingerprinting" dark energy...
A critical cosmic ingredient
Searching for the missing universe
The universe expands faster

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