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Star Colors and Temperatures

Radio Programs

Bigger and Hotter Jacking up a star’s brightness — after this. January 11, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran Looking at the future of the Sun December 23, 2015

Morning Lineup Bright lights in the dawn sky September 23, 2015

Interstellar Medium Filling the space between stars April 8, 2015

M3 Reinvigorating some old stars March 16, 2015

Moon and Aldebaran The cool glow of a bright star February 24, 2015

Seeing Red Seeing red from a dying star February 6, 2015

Sadr A case of stellar WYSIWYG October 13, 2014

Mars and Antares Coloring in two bright pinpoints September 24, 2014

Alpha Lacertae A star with a bright profile August 27, 2014

Chameleon Star A star that’s changing colors July 5, 2014

Monoceros A vision in blue in the unicorn February 24, 2014

Annie Jump Cannon II Classifying the stars December 10, 2013

More Aquarius A pair of yellow supergiants December 7, 2013

Moon and Company An effective type of sun block October 26, 2013

Gamma Cassiopeia Pointing out a celestial letter August 17, 2013

Albireo A colorful stellar duo July 5, 2013

Colorful Arcturus Adding some color to a bright star June 22, 2013

Gamma-2 Velorum A star exposes its inner workings April 4, 2013

Moon and Antares A hot-but-cool stellar supergiant February 3, 2013

Crimson Star An aging but colorful star February 2, 2013

Pollux Younger but “older” than the Sun January 15, 2013

Venus and Spica A star that’s more than meets the eye November 16, 2012

Moon and Companions Colorful companions for the Moon October 17, 2012

Moon and Antares Flirting with the stars September 19, 2012

In the Balance The Moon slips past the scorpion’s claws June 28, 2012

More Saturn at Opposition Dabs of color in the night sky April 14, 2012

Leo Rising Adding some color to the stars February 26, 2012

Star Organizer Getting the stars organized August 14, 2011

Moon and Antares A star that's redder than red... August 6, 2011

Mars and Aldebaran Coloring the night sky July 11, 2011

Delta Lyrae Lining up a colorful duo July 9, 2011

Moon and Regulus Lining up a pair of stellar light bulbs March 16, 2011

Messengers The messengers of the stars February 1, 2011

Featured Images

M3, a globular star cluster

Reborn Stars March 17, 2015

Rigel, the brightest star of Orion

Stellar Stunner December 22, 2014

Annie Jump Cannon

Astronomical Pioneer December 10, 2013

H-R Diagram

Stellar Plot July 7, 2012

Youthful Oldies March 4, 2010

First Snapshot January 7, 2010