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Spiral Galaxies


Pisces, the fish

Pisces, the Fish October 4, 2011

The Sun and our solar system lie in the "thin disk" of our galaxy.

The Milky Way May 21, 2010

Radio Programs

NGC 7469 Starbirth in a busy galaxy September 16, 2023

Wavy Galaxies Waves ripple through the Milky Way September 13, 2023

The Sunflower A good night for watching galaxies March 22, 2023

A New Twist A new twist on a well-known galaxy March 14, 2023

Triangulum Galaxy A galaxy that’s churning out stars October 25, 2022

NGC 2217 Sculpting a unique galaxy February 6, 2022

M33 Looking three million light-years into space January 30, 2022

The Leviathan Putting a leviathan to work January 14, 2022

Longer Arm Stretching our galactic neighborhood December 1, 2021

Spiral Arms Bright arms for beautiful galaxies August 13, 2021

Super Clusters Super star clusters in a nearby galaxy December 8, 2020

Galaxy Pair Stirring up a pair of spiral galaxies November 27, 2020

Sagittarius Bar Stepping up to the Milky Way’s bar August 19, 2020

Hercules Galaxies A busy cluster of galaxies July 25, 2020

Galactic Twin A galactic twin in the evening sky October 27, 2019

Barred Spirals Bellying up to the galactic bar November 6, 2018

Spiral Galaxies Jamming up some beautiful galaxies November 5, 2018

NGC 5907 Building up a flat galaxy September 30, 2018

Eridanus Cluster Galaxy clusters in the southern sky January 14, 2018

Disappearing Star A potential firecracker fizzles out August 23, 2017

Leo’s Triplets A galactic trio in the lion May 11, 2017

M100 The grandeur of a spiral galaxy April 19, 2017

Featured Images

Galactic Merger July 26, 2023

hubble view of arp 143, a pair of colliding galaxies

Cosmic Collision February 25, 2022

ngc 2217, a barred spiral galaxy

Galactic Bar February 6, 2022

Leviathan January 14, 2022

diagram showing the local arm and other major spiral arms of the milky way galaxy

Big Arm December 1, 2021

Spitzer infrared view of M31

Hot Spiral August 13, 2021

spiral galaxy ARP-MADORE0002-503

Back to Work July 22, 2021

Hubble Space Telescope sequence of a supernova explosion

Cosmic Fireworks December 29, 2020

Artist's concept of a rotating disk galaxy in the early universe

Ancient Galaxy May 26, 2020

Hubble Space Telescope view of Messier 83, the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

Mini Milky Way April 27, 2020

Multi-wavelength view of Messier 106

Arming a Galaxy April 5, 2020

HST view of NGC 1073

Step Up to the Bar November 6, 2018

Hubble Space Telescope view of Messier 101

Twisted Galaxy November 5, 2018

Hubble Space Telescope view of NGC 3344

Galactic Beauty February 15, 2018

M33, the Triangulum Galaxy

Fuzzy Pinwheel November 18, 2017

Multi-wavelength view of NGC 6946, the Fireworks Galaxy

Fireworks Factory August 23, 2017

The spiral galaxy Messier 77

Spiral Beauty July 12, 2017

Hubble Space Telescope view of the galaxy NGC 1300

Star Bar December 18, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope view of M63

Galactic Sunflower August 26, 2016

Map of the Milky Way's spiral arms

Starry Arms July 25, 2016

Strong winds blowing from a black hole in a distant spiral galaxy

Windy Black Hole January 15, 2016

The Milky Way galaxy's spiral arms

Arming the Milky Way February 18, 2015