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Space Travel

Featured Images

Artist's concept of a Mars base

Hazardous Exploration October 29, 2020

collage of images of Alexei Leonov

Fallen Spacewalker October 13, 2019

lightsail 2 fully deployed

Sailing Along August 6, 2019

Images from Apollo 7

First Step October 11, 2018

Apollo 17 commander Eugene Cernan poses on the Moon in 1972

Last Walk January 16, 2017

Artist's concept of a solar sail

Sailing Along April 3, 2014

Soyuz spacecraft approaches space station with Moon in background

Ready for Arrival December 31, 2012

John Glenn enters his Mercury capsule (right), and launches on February 20, 1962

Up, Up, and Away! February 20, 2012

An aquanaut practices space exploration techniques underwater

Diving into the Future October 17, 2011

Artist's concept of a starship

To Boldly Go... October 1, 2011

Artist's concept of Juno at Jupiter

Jumping Off for Jupiter August 5, 2011

Atlantis lands on July 21, 2011, ending the space shuttle program

That's All, Folks! July 22, 2011

Space shuttle Atlantis approaches the International Space Station, July 2011

Final Approach July 13, 2011

Alan Shepard enters his capsule, then launches aboard Freedom 7, May 5, 1961

A-OK Flight May 5, 2011

Launches of Vostok 1, STS-1 (space shuttle Columbia)

Double Date April 12, 2011

Shields like those of the USS Enterprise may protect real space travel

Shields Up! December 17, 2010

MIT professor Dava Newman models a new type of space suit

Dressed for Success (in Space) September 15, 2010

Radio Programs

Ray Bradbury A pioneering Mars explorer August 22, 2020

Pulsar Navigation Navigating by dead stars February 13, 2020

More Canopus A bright star to steer by March 2, 2018

More Moon and Companions Stepping toward the stars December 14, 2017