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Space Shuttle

Radio Programs

Moon and Jupiter The interlude between trips to the Moon January 5, 2022

End of the Shuttle The final flight of the space shuttle July 21, 2021

Shuttle-Mir An international link-up in space June 29, 2020

Astro-2 A high, fast-moving observatory March 2, 2020

Fixing Hubble Fixing Hubble’s blurry vision December 3, 2018

Featured Images

Atlantis landing at July 2011 ends the shuttle program

The End July 21, 2021

Mir space station seen from space shuttle

First Visit June 29, 2020

Hubble Space Telescope in the cargo bay of space shuttle Atlantis, April 2009

Last Call April 30, 2020

Astro-2 payload aboard space shuttle Endeavours

High Observatory March 2, 2020

Hubble Space Telescope after its final servicing mission

Last Look May 18, 2019

Telescopes in the cargo bay of space shuttle Columbia, December 1995

Space (Shuttle) Telescope December 8, 2015