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Space Observatories

Radio Programs

Dark Passage A big planet around a small star May 4, 2023

XRISM Looking into cosmic maelstroms April 3, 2023

Planning Ahead Planning decades ahead March 31, 2023

Viewing Spot A good spot for watching the universe May 12, 2022

Nightlights Looking for the glow of alien cities October 22, 2021

Astro-2 A high, fast-moving observatory March 2, 2020

Solar Orbiter Flying into the solar wind February 4, 2020

Getting Closer A small gift for the planet Venus December 24, 2019

WISE Getting “wise” to the infrared sky December 14, 2019

Planet Hunters Photographing hundreds of planets December 18, 2018

Stretching Out The universe stretches out December 10, 2018

Hangin’ Around Watching the universe from behind Earth October 3, 2018

Asteroseismology Listening to the beat of the stars September 25, 2018

Spitzer Space Telescope New targets for a space telescope August 25, 2018

Arthur Compton From cosmic rays to gamma rays September 10, 2017

Beryllium A key element in fact and fantasy July 25, 2017

The Next Generation Space telescopes: the next generation March 22, 2017

NICER A “nicer” kind of satellite February 21, 2017

Featured Images

Black-Hole Hunter April 3, 2023

Artist's concept of dwarf planet Quaoar (center) and its ring, with a small moon at left and the sun at the right

Distant Ring February 10, 2023

a white rocket, holding james webb space telescope, stands on a launch pad surrounded by dense jungle

Ready! December 24, 2021

james webb space telescope at work

A Telescope Like No Other October 21, 2021

new space telescope looking at a nebula

Magnet Hunter October 19, 2021

Artistic idea of a planet imaged through a solar gravitational lens

Long-Range Scanner September 28, 2020

Astro-2 payload aboard space shuttle Endeavours

High Observatory March 2, 2020

The CHEOPS space telescope heads for space

On Its Way December 19, 2019

CHEOPS in orbit

Following Up October 11, 2019

Artist's concept of TESS in front of a star with several transiting planets

New Hunter March 20, 2018

Telescopes in the cargo bay of space shuttle Columbia, December 1995

Space (Shuttle) Telescope December 8, 2015

X-ray energy forms expanding rings around the black hole V404 Cygni

Big Gulp Aftermath September 15, 2015

Artist's concept of Fermi bubbles

Blowing Bubbles July 20, 2015

Artist's concept of Solar Max in orbit

Sun Watcher February 14, 2015