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Binary and Multi-Star Systems


Radio Programs

Two close but faint neighbors
A stellar “king” and his entourage
The revenge of the scrawny
Stirring up a stellar bubble
The hidden nature of a binary star
A giant star blows giant bubbles
Yellow gems from the water bearer
Stars at opposite ends of the scale
A dizzying system of stars
Getting ready to put on a show
A black hole wakes up hungry
Taking the measure of a planet
One star born from two
Making a powerful magnet
A surprise from a well-known star
Spreading out a stellar trio
Setting up future outbursts
Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs
The scorpion’s bright stinger
Two stars with a bright future
Tiny stars put on brilliant displays
Putting three stars on the scales
“Weighing” two giant stars
A star cloud prepares to give birth
The intertwined lives of two stars
A brilliant duet for the giraffe
Safety first around an amazing star
A bright future for the scorpion
The fireworks of a hostile takeover
A brilliant set of triplets
One dog leads another across the sky
Heading for the top of the hunter
An astronomer who saw double
The bright foot of a celestial twin
A big outburst from a tiny star
Dancing with the firebird
Playing Frisbee with a bright star
Feeble companions for a bright star
A bright star gets even brighter
Bright giants with a shared evolution
Faint companions for a bright star
Keeping an old star looking young
The head of the serpent bearer
Covering up a passel of stars
Impressive stars near the scorpion’s heart
The scorpion’s southern claw
Exploding stars with a difference
The night of the living dead stars
Stellar siblings with different futures
A nearby stellar quartet
Aggravating a supergiant star
Building up to a big eruption
Two stars with big futures
A stellar whirling dervish
Looking for stellar companions
Getting too close to a dark monster
A preview of coming attractions
Celestial creepy-crawlies
Stirring up the Heart of Charles
Rare sextuplets among the stars
A vision in blue in the unicorn
A star of the first magnitude
A bright orphan in the Big Dipper
Two small but busy stars
A refugee from the planet Krypton
The right season for the Dog Star
A pair of bright, “puffy” stars
A colorful stellar quartet
Surprises from a well-studied star
Two stars that become one
Two stars locked in a tight embrace
Two stars whose fates are intertwined
A stellar tug-of-war
A black hole announces its presence
A complex claw for the scorpion
The lion’s quadruple heart
A colorful stellar duo
Crowning the night sky
Neighbors that stir things up
Putting the squeeze on a star
A neutron star cracks up
A world with four suns in the sky
The beat of vibrating stars
Two stars with different fates
A different kind of star system
A pair of stellar light bulbs
Three sets of stellar twins
Giant tides on giant stars
Bright stars with a bright future
A star that’s more than meets the eye
Aging stars in the triangle
A stellar cannibal for Halloween
A two-headed stellar demon
A record-setting black hole
A faint set of stellar triplets
The top of the king’s starry house
A star system with a lot of variety
Stirring up the family dynamics
Stars that can’t let go
A giant star vanishes from view
The swan’s colorful beak
Drawing up a little horse
Two bright stars for the price of one
Getting a big kick from a black hole
A quick exit for a “heavy” star
A picture-perfect stellar explosion
A close companion for a bright star
Staring into the face of the bull
An exciting future for a pair of stars
The charioteer’s double-jointed shoulder
Dancing with the firebird
Ghoulish delights in the sky
Getting too close to a black hole
A pair of “pointy” stars
A bright stellar merger
A dark star system that puts on a show
Possible homes for neighbors
Living under brilliant suns
Stars and planets move apart
The lion's double forehead...
The twins and triplets of Gemini
A beautiful celestial double
Overpowering a bright star
Getting dumped on by a neighbor
Stirring up two stellar companions
Catching a stellar carnival ride
A long-lasting stellar eclipse
Skies as different from ours as night and day
Looking at a star in a whole new light
The Moon and a crowded star system
A mismatched stellar family
Two giants that never rest
The head of the demon
Chasing a pair of dogs
A temporary tail feather for the swan
A spread-out family of stars
Galloping across the northern sky
Getting the right angle on a bright star
The most beautiful girdle?
A record-setting stellar neighbor
A giant planet for a double star
Good places to hunt for habitable planets
Rejuvenation in an old star cluster
Stars with a strong attraction

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