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Solar Wind

A flow of atomic nuclei and electrons from the Sun that travels at an average speed of about two million miles per hour (400 km/s).


Facts and Figures June 10, 2010

Featured Images

Major Storm March 23, 2017

View of a doomed comet approaching the Sun

Doomed Comet January 20, 2016

A brilliant aurora from the International Space Station

Fiery Sky January 21, 2015

One of the first images from IRIS, a new Sun-watching satellite

First Sunlight July 31, 2013

Cassini monitors Saturn's magnetic field

Radio Story July 16, 2013

Van Allen Probes and Earth's Van Allen radiation belts

Dangerous Exposure December 20, 2012

A powerful solar flare erupts on March 6, 2012

Stormy Skies March 8, 2012

A January 23, 2012 solar flare

Restless Sun January 30, 2012

A comet plunges toward the Sun

Survivor: Comet December 16, 2011

The glow of the aurora from the International Space Station

Heavenly Lightshow November 6, 2011

A solar eruption on June 7, 2011

Big Splash June 7, 2011

Eruption of gas from the surface of the Sun

Sun Power December 22, 2010

Planetary Tail April 6, 2010

Radio Programs

More Cosmic Rays Shielded by the Sun November 29, 2016

Solar Risk Evaluating risks from the Sun November 21, 2016

Playoff Storm Silencing a four-run inning September 18, 2016

Mars Opposition II Stripping away the Martian atmosphere May 19, 2016

Zapped! Zapped by the Sun — twice January 18, 2016

Moon, Saturn, and Antares A stellar weight-loss plan August 21, 2015

Unpredictable Sun Predicting our unpredictable Sun April 28, 2015

Spring Storm Making a mess of Easter Sunday March 23, 2015

Distant Borders Crossing a distant border May 18, 2014

Young-Sun Paradox II A weight-loss plan for the Sun June 6, 2013

More Sirius A stellar weight-loss program December 29, 2012

Storm Probes Plunging into the danger zone December 19, 2012

Mariner 2 Pioneering a path to another world December 12, 2012

Future Neighbor A future close neighbor to the Sun June 13, 2012

Sun Power Weathering bouts of space weather June 12, 2012