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Solar Wind

A flow of atomic nuclei and electrons from the Sun that travels at an average speed of about two million miles per hour (400 km/s).


Facts and Figures June 10, 2010

Radio Programs

Solar Sneezes Nasty “sneezes” from the Sun May 11, 2021

Closer and Closer Spiraling closer to the Sun January 16, 2021

Sunquakes A possible trigger for earthquakes October 23, 2020

Morning Mercury Peeling away the skin of Mercury July 22, 2020

Deadly Sun Deadly consequences of solar storms May 22, 2020

Moon and Mars A “shocking” moon of Mars May 13, 2020

Solar Minimum The Sun stays especially quiet April 10, 2020

Windy Sun A gusty breeze from the Sun February 6, 2020

Superflares Super outbursts from the Sun February 5, 2020

Solar Orbiter Flying into the solar wind February 4, 2020

Hot Ride A hot ride for a spacecraft April 3, 2019

Solar Minimum The Sun takes it easy April 2, 2019

Probing the Sun Soaring close to the Sun July 30, 2018

Cosmic Hazards If it’s not one thing, it’s another May 31, 2018

Quiet Sun A long period of rest for the Sun June 22, 2017

Star War Solar storms and a military alert May 29, 2017

More Cosmic Rays Shielded by the Sun November 29, 2016

Solar Risk Evaluating risks from the Sun November 21, 2016

Playoff Storm Silencing a four-run inning September 18, 2016

Mars Opposition II Stripping away the Martian atmosphere May 19, 2016

Zapped! Zapped by the Sun — twice January 18, 2016

Featured Images

A triple comet near the Sun

Seeing Triple August 14, 2020

Gray whale off the California coast

Deadly Sun May 22, 2020

Artist's concept of astronauts on Phobos, a moon of Mars

Charged Moon May 13, 2020

Solar Orbiter views the Sun

Catching Fire February 4, 2020

Coronal mass ejection from the Sun

Nasty Outburst June 17, 2019

Solar storm, May 2019

Storm to Storm May 15, 2019

Artist's concept of Parker Solar Probe observing the Sun

Hot Destination July 30, 2018

A 2015 solar flare

Scary Storm May 28, 2017

Major Storm March 23, 2017

View of a doomed comet approaching the Sun

Doomed Comet January 20, 2016

A brilliant aurora from the International Space Station

Fiery Sky January 21, 2015