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Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

An exploratory science that searches for evidence of life in the universe.

Radio Programs

Sending a Message A concert for the stars October 15, 2019

Still Listening Still searching for aliens September 30, 2019

Light Connection Making long-distance connections February 7, 2019

A Short Visit Studying a visitor from beyond February 6, 2019

Hunting Aliens Still no signs of ET July 13, 2018

Star of Interest A star with interesting radio waves August 5, 2017

Radio Power Sailing on a “breeze” of radio waves May 24, 2017

Rio Scale Rating the odds of finding ET April 14, 2017

Calling the Neighbors Placing a call to the neighbors November 10, 2016

Searching for Neighbors III The mystery of Tabby’s Star November 9, 2016

Searching for Neighbors II Eavesdropping on the galaxy November 8, 2016

Searching for Neighbors Searching for cosmic neighbors November 7, 2016

16 Cygni A pair of old stellar neighbors November 6, 2016

One Year Later, III New targets for New Horizons July 20, 2016

Energy Hogs Looking for signs of a super-civilization August 1, 2015

Featured Images

VERITAS array in Arizona

Joining the Search September 30, 2019

radio telescopes scan the skies for signs of intelligent life

Still Waiting July 13, 2018

Turning On, Tuning In April 12, 2010