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Saturn's Rings

Thousands of individual rings make up Saturn’s ring system. Some rings are made of small bits of frozen water, others contain tiny grains of dust, and still others are a mixture of the two. In all, the rings are only a few hundred feet thick.


Saturn's Moons February 19, 2016

Saturn's rings

Saturn February 10, 2016

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Featured Images

saturn's rings seen edge-on

Thin Rings August 2, 2023

2019 Hubble Space Telescope view of Saturn and its rings

Bright Rings July 19, 2020

Hubble Space Telescope view of Saturn, June 2019

Ringed Splendor September 14, 2019

artist's concept of Cassini passing inside Saturn's rings

Inside Job March 1, 2019

bright spokes in Saturn's rings

Bright Spokes November 20, 2017

Cassini flies between Saturn and its rings

Final Act September 13, 2017

Cassini view of Earth, Moon, and Saturn's rings

Looking Back April 24, 2017

Artist's concept of Cassini crossing inside Saturn's rings

Through the Gap April 21, 2017

Saturn's glorious rings

Just Plain Rings October 3, 2016

August 17, 2015, view of Saturn's moon Dione in front of the giant planet

Last Visit August 18, 2015

Cassini view of Saturn's family of gings

Family Portrait April 7, 2015