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Saturn's Atmosphere

The sixth planet from the Sun in the solar system. Saturn orbits the Sun at an average distance of 9.5 AU. The planet has a mass 95.2 times the mass of Earth and a radius 9.45 times the radius of Earth. Saturn is a gas planet and has no solid surface. It is made of hydrogen, helium, ammonia, and methane. Saturn is most famous for its beautiful ring system. In addition to the rings, the planet has 47 known moons, the largest of which is Titan.


Saturn's rings

Saturn February 10, 2016

Featured Images

Artist's concept of Cassini crossing inside Saturn's rings

Through the Gap April 21, 2017

Saturn's giant hexagon

Planetary Geometry May 30, 2016

Cassini view of a giant storm in Saturn's northern hemisphere

Stormy Skies June 28, 2015

Cassini close-up of Saturn's clouds

Impressions of a Planet December 18, 2014

Sunlight glints off a hydrocarbon lake on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn

World of Lakes November 11, 2014

A Cassini view of the hexagonal cloud pattern surround Saturn's south pole

Planetary Cyclops December 1, 2013

Saturnian Heat Rays August 21, 2013

Cassini view of Saturn's north pole

Eye of the Storm May 2, 2013

South polar vortex on Saturn, seen by Cassini

Saturnian Vortex November 11, 2012

A Cassini view of Saturn and its largest moon, Titan

Planetary Duet June 21, 2012

Saturn and its rings as seen by Cassini

Subtle Color April 15, 2012

Saturn's moons Titan and Dione above Saturn, with Saturn's rings

Saturnian Traffic Jam December 26, 2011

Composite view of a giant storm on Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft

Stormy Skies August 31, 2011

Storm clouds swirl through Saturn's atmosphere in an image from Cassini

Artistic Storm March 28, 2011

False-color infrared view of Saturn and its aurora

Colorful Aurora September 28, 2010

Saturn's Hexagon January 5, 2010

Radio Programs

Moon, Antares, Saturn Subtle color for a giant planet January 22, 2017

Saturn Opposition II Giant storms on a giant planet May 31, 2016

Moon and Saturn Giant storms on a giant world June 27, 2015

Moon and Saturn Swirling through the clouds of a giant planet December 17, 2014

Moon and Saturn Plunging into a turbulent world January 23, 2014

Moon and Saturn Riding waves in Saturn’s rings December 26, 2013

Venus and Saturn Windy planets in the evening sky September 15, 2013

Moon and Saturn A planet with a nameless surface September 8, 2013

Unseen Saturn Unseen visions of a bright planet August 20, 2013

Saturn at Opposition Stirring up some giant storms April 25, 2013

Moon and Saturn A giant storm that kept on going January 4, 2013

Moon and Saturn Stirring up a giant hurricane November 10, 2012

More Saturn at Opposition Dabs of color in the night sky April 14, 2012