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Sagittarius, the Archer



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“Discovering” an ancient star cluster
Steaming up the center of the galaxy
The heart of the galaxy stays quiet
Looking into the past of our home galaxy
A country that’s gone to the dogs
A busy construction zone around a star
Darkness in the heart of the galaxy
Looking into an old stellar family
Logging star clusters in Sagittarius
A steaming teapot in the southern sky
The language of the stars
A faint cluster with a bright pedigree
Starry vessels in the midnight sky
A teapot in the southern sky
Whipping up some complex molecules
Two summer stalwarts disappear
Bright delights in the summer sky
Taking a peek at a busy downtown
A bright stellar merger
A bright but distant star cluster
Follow the jumping electrons
A star with an ancient pedigree
Searching the bright lights of downtown
Taking aim at a starry teapot