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Stargazing and Skywatching



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The worlds of the solar system
Mars, meteors, and the Moon — after this.
Lighting up the waning Moon — after this.
A grand view for a new year
Bright companions for the Moon
A great show from the “morning star”
A close call in the morning sky
Bright companions for the Moon
Lining up a skywatching treat
A great weekend for skywatching
Bright lights in the dawn sky
Different views of the night sky
Looking straight up
Prominent neighbors in the dawn sky
Venus moves to the morning sky
A star of the first magnitude
Getting ready to change addresses
Stepping up the evening sky
Fireworks in the evening sky
Identifying two evening skylights
A pair of trios in the evening sky
Bright planets in the evening sky
Bright lights in the evening sky
Circling the hub of the northern sky
Optical illusions in the night sky
Creeping up on a bright star
A lunar cup for catching rainfall
Passing through a bright triangle
A double double in the evening sky
A triple play in the evening sky
Splitting the night sky in half
A brilliant ring around the Moon
Bright lights in the early evening
A holdover from summer skies
Rare birds in southern skies
The return of an astronomical beauty
The planet Mars runs in place
A repeat performance for the Moon
A silver archway across the evening sky
A bright show in the dawn sky
Aligning two celestial headlights
Pairs of planets bracket the Sun
Little star pictures in the summer sky
The Moon plays a game of checkers
Two lights passing in the night sky
A close but wide-spread trio
Watching the twilight fade away
A brilliant early morning encounter
A bright family drops from view
Bright stars shine through the moonlight
Ghostly apparitions in the evening sky
A case of deceptive beauty
Promise and possibility in the early morning sky
A parade of planets in the evening sky
Zipping past a distant giant
Seeing through the moonlight
Big entertainment in the night sky
Gazing away from the Milky Way
Bright stars packed around the Moon
The Milky Way brackets the night sky
The crow gets in a spot of bother
A beautiful dawn encounter
Lining up some early morning planets
Bright planets in the dawn sky
Boxing in the gibbous Moon
The demise of the evening star
Celebrating with the stars
Filling the night with moonlight
A bright but temporary meteor shower
A comet blazes toward the Sun
A colorful stellar quartet
A comet streaks toward the Sun
A crane strides across the southern sky
The back ends of two constellations
Casting off into the Celestial Sea
Peeking through the moonlight
Hunting up a faint eclipse
Taking a sneak peek at winter
Taking a spin on a merry-go-round
Climbing high to see a comet
The Moon and a bright triangle
A double feature in the night sky
Starry vessels in the midnight sky
The Moon and a horde of planets
The Moon and a lineup of planets
Counting the stars in the Milky Way
Jogging into the morning sky
A fairy tale in the evening sky
Bookending morning and evening skies
Lining up a celestial encounter
Following the path of the Sun
A test for dark night skies
Highlights of the evening sky
Creating pictures in the stars
Celestial theater in the evening sky
A small but vast astronomical gap
A bright trio in the evening sky
Whirling around the North Star
A special day for astronomy
A naughty crow angers the gods
The Moon slides across the sky
A comet gets ready to shine
From leading light to a pale second
Bracketing the Winter Circle
Disorderly visitors head inward
Lighting up the holiday sky
Lighting up the Christmas-night sky
Bright lights for Christmas Eve
Wandering through the night sky
Mars hangs out in the evening sky
Moonlight on an autumn night
The wonders of a moonless night
A grand story in the night sky
Colorful rivals in the evening sky
A traffic jam in the evening sky
The perfect spot for the Moon
A bright but rapidly closing triangle
A “snowbird” that heads west instead of south
Bright delights in the summer sky
A sky show that’s worth getting up for
A gathering of astronomical superstars
Following the path of the Sun
An encore performance in the dawn sky
Swinging into the morning sky
Taking a “bite” out of the Moon
Sliding past the Moon and headed for the Sun
Ready for a stellar vanishing act
Different pinpoints of light
The evening star and the littler dipper
A brilliant lineup in the evening sky
A double treat in the evening sky
A bold alignment in the night sky
Mars marches across March skies
An impressive display in the evening sky
Stirring up the starry night sky
A chance to see a distant giant
Passing through a ring of stars
One dog leads another into the sky
Cutting off a slice of the sky
A celestial greeting for the new year
Rare birds in southern skies
The return of an astronomical beauty
Spacing out a morning lineup
Close neighbors in the evening sky
An early morning duo
Shielding a new constellation
An astronomical "Mason-Dixon Line"...
Stars and planets move apart
One year away from a rare event
Following the leader in the evening sky
Twin headlights in the dawn sky
A worry-free planetary conjunction
Fencing in the crescent Moon
A traffic jam in the dawn sky
Big and small in the evening sky
Nighttime objects in the daytime sky
Ticking off the hours of the night
A deceptive morning duo
The stars turn across the night sky
Two giants passing in the night
The dawn of a new year
Holiday lights in the night sky
The blazing "morning star"...
Enjoying an astronomical light show
One night, two sky shows
Painting the evening sky
Standing between a pair of rivals
The "evening star" gets ready to exit...
A beautiful but lopsided kite
The low-but-high "evening star"...
A double double in the evening sky
Moon, planets, and meteors
A deceptive evening conjunction
Drying out some lunar folklore
Dangerous lights in the night sky
Putting the night sky to the test
Two bright beacons in the morning sky
Sneaking into astronomical history
Getting back to Nature's dark side...
A string of jewels in the evening sky
Giant worlds in the morning sky
Double "twins" in the evening sky...
Heading south for Mercury
A colorful evening lightshow
Tracking down an elusive planet
Lining up an array of planets
Wedging out a bright lineup
Splitting up a giant ship
Padding after a faint celestial cat
Lining up a pair of sparklers
Subtle differences in the night sky
Full Moon, full Mars
Dashes of color in the night sky
Good news and bad news for skywatchers
The Moon and some bright companions

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