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Pegasus, the Flying Horse

A large pattern of stars marked by a great square.


Radio Programs

Alpheratz Boosting a star’s brightness February 19, 2023

Messier 15 Relics from the early universe October 3, 2021

Markab The shoulder of the flying horse August 28, 2021

Alpheratz One star, two constellations September 12, 2020

51 Pegasi Setting off a Gold Rush December 6, 2019

Beta Pegasi Cooling off a giant star September 20, 2017

Double Bright The leading lights of Pegasus July 29, 2017

Featured Images

51 Pegasi b

Starting a Gold Rush December 6, 2019

Artist's concept of the star system 51 Pegasi, featuring a giant planet

The First October 12, 2015