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Red Giants


Radio Programs

Looking at the future of the Sun
Sharing a bright star
Piecing together a celestial snake
The shiny nose of the great bear
A long but barren constellation
Watching a star puff up
The cool glow of a bright star
Taking the measure of a monster
The beginning of the end
An aging but colorful star
A footstool for the hunter
A constellation with a case of the big head
The great bear’s shiny nose
Piecing together a celestial snake
A quick exit for a “heavy” star
The demise of a star and planet
Taking a look into the future
Looking at the Sun’s bright future
Arrowing into the autumn season
Predicting the future of a star
Flip-flopping the seasons
A dead star and an almost-dead star
A star that's changing in a hurry...
In search of the dragon's head...
A fairly weak "strongman"...
Anchoring a celestial dipper
Impressive stars for the unicorn
Padding after a faint celestial cat
Heavy metal the slow way

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