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Naming and Classification of Stars

Radio Programs

Stellar Sailors Sailing by the stars October 31, 2017

The Dolphin A practical joke in the night sky July 15, 2017

Moon and Regulus Many names for a bright star June 27, 2017

Scorpion’s Claws “De-clawing” the scorpion May 18, 2017

The Most Beautiful The “most beautiful” stars April 30, 2017

Apollo 1 A stellar memorial to fallen astronauts January 27, 2017

Naming Stars Names old and new for the stars October 9, 2016

Moon and Regulus A big astronomical dwarf September 26, 2016

Leo Minor Stars without much flash June 8, 2016

Head Cases Heading up two constellations May 5, 2016

New Names New names for a family of planets February 19, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran A stellar alphabet February 15, 2016

Eagles Celestial eagles take wing September 12, 2015

Stairsteps Stepping up the evening sky July 11, 2015

The Crow A confusing layout for a faint constellation May 16, 2015

El Nath Location, location, location May 2, 2015

Moon and Regulus A royal heart for a royal beast March 2, 2015

Moon and Companions The little dog leads the big dog September 17, 2014

Alpha Lacertae A star with a bright profile August 27, 2014

Moon and Saturn Names for all the solar system July 6, 2014

Heart of Charles Stirring up the Heart of Charles March 21, 2014

Tail Stars The back ends of two constellations October 22, 2013

Star Names The language of the stars September 13, 2013

Zubeneschamali Balancing the scorpion’s claws July 12, 2013

Moon and Antares Naming a “rival” of Mars April 26, 2013

Zeta Puppis A rare stellar hothead April 2, 2013

Puppis A naming slight for a leading light April 1, 2013

Halloween Star II A stellar cannibal for Halloween October 30, 2012

Halloween Star A two-headed stellar demon October 29, 2012

Lucky Stars Lucky stars in the evening sky October 21, 2012

Bringing Up the Rear The tale of some starry tails October 12, 2012

Aquarius Life-giving waters from a faint constellation October 5, 2012

Moon and Antares Flirting with the stars September 19, 2012

H-R Diagram Drawing the lives of the stars July 6, 2012

Leo Minor Stars without much flash June 22, 2012

Featured Images

The constellation Corvus, near brilliant Spica

Sailing On May 17, 2015

Annie Jump Cannon

Astronomical Pioneer December 10, 2013

The 'lucky' stars of Aquarius

'Lucky' Stars October 6, 2012