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Meteors and Meteorites

A meteor is a “shooting star”; a bit of interplanetary ice or rock that vaporizes in Earth’s upper atmosphere as a burst of incandescent gas. A meteorite is a space rock that strikes the surface of Earth. Most meteorites are classified as stony because of their mineral composition, which may include olivine, pyroxene, serpentine, sulfates, organic compounds, iron, and nickel. See our list of this year’s meteor showers for more information.


Mars meteorite

Meteorites May 19, 2010

Radio Programs

Icy Rocks Picking up rocks from the ice December 2, 2019

Messy Meteorite A roof gets hit by a big hailstone October 20, 2019

Bovedy Meteorite Recording an ancient space rock April 25, 2019

Allende Meteorite Rocks that are older than Earth February 8, 2019

Hunting Space Rocks II Extreme rock hunting December 6, 2017

Hunting Space Rocks Rock hunting on ice December 5, 2017

Moon and Regulus Flashes on the dark Moon November 10, 2017

Peekskill Meteorite An unusual auto collision October 9, 2017

Bright Invaders A bright cosmic invasion October 3, 2016

Spacey Artifacts Trinkets from beyond in a pharaoh’s tomb June 24, 2016

Iron From Above Iron trinkets from beyond Earth June 23, 2016

Shergotty A piece of Mars falls from the sky August 24, 2015

Perseid Meteors Fiery skies from comet dust August 9, 2015

Noctilucent Clouds Electric-blue clouds in the twilight July 26, 2015

Rock Fight Fighting over a rock from space May 1, 2015

Meteorites III Picking up some unusual rocks April 18, 2015

Meteorites II Measuring the age of the solar system April 17, 2015

Meteorites Rare treasures from beyond Earth April 16, 2015

Hints of Life Hints of life in more Mars rocks February 26, 2015

Meteor Plots On the trail of “shooting stars” January 28, 2015

Featured Images

Fireball over Bering Sea

Fireball March 24, 2019

A meteorite on the Antarctic ice

Rock Hunting December 6, 2017

Bright meteor over Europe

Bright Meteor November 15, 2017

Map showing the path of the Peekskill meteorite

Bright Visitor October 9, 2017

Noctilucent clouds over the north pole

Glowing Skies July 29, 2017