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Hercules, the Strongman


Radio Programs

M13 Sending a long-distance message April 5, 2016

Zeta Herculis Stellar siblings spread out April 4, 2016

Hercules Cluster Stirring up a cluster of galaxies May 13, 2015

M92 An ancient family of stars May 12, 2015

M13 A cluster of old, faint stars May 11, 2015

Hercules Handing down pictures of the stars May 10, 2015

Cancer Grabbing a toe was a bad idea February 14, 2015

‘New’ Stars Keeping an eye on bright “new” stars July 17, 2014

Hercules Cluster A starry realm without night May 26, 2014

Super Origins A refugee from the planet Krypton December 13, 2013

M13 Some bright stellar mysteries May 18, 2013

Hercules The strongman strides across the night sky May 17, 2013

Moon and Regulus Hercules embarks on a quest January 26, 2013

The Keystone Four stars, four stories May 24, 2012

Hercules Cluster A crowded “city” of stars May 22, 2012

Hercules Following the strongman across the sky May 21, 2012

Featured Images

Hercules, the strongman, depicted as he rises in the eastern sky

The Strongman May 22, 2012

Ground-based image of the galaxy cluster Abell 2151, in Hercules

Galaxies Galore October 1, 2010